Antioxidants and Women’s Health

Women have a great number of potential health issues to be concerned about. This doesn’t mean that men don’t have concerns of their own; it just means that women seem to have a lot more things that can go wrong with their bodies than men do, including natural processes, such as pregnancy and menopause.

Breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and osteoporosis are just a few of the major concerns – but there are many more. While we have become more aware of women’s health issues, and the prevention of many diseases and illnesses, the health problems that plague women persist, and seem to grow even greater and more urgent. This isn’t surprising since over 40,000 women will die in the United States alone in 2006 from breast cancer.

Then, there are the other health issues that seem to plague women. These other issues may not be as deadly as others, but they are just as important. Depression and weight issues are at the top of that list. Women struggle with depression at an alarming rate. Again, men also get depressed, but studies have shown that this is a condition that affects women more commonly. Men also struggle with their weight, but they are traditionally better able to get and keep weight off then women are.

What many women don’t realize is that depression and weight issues are often tied in with toxins in the body. These toxins cause numerous health problems, and they prevent other health issues from being resolved – including depression and the loss of excess weight. Unfortunately, these toxins tend to make matters worse, because the problems are not resolved even when treatment is sought. Women often start to think that something is seriously wrong with them when they don’t respond as expected to treatment, when toxins in the body are the culprit all along!

Even though the body produces natural antioxidants that cleanse these toxins from our systems, the natural antioxidants simply can’t keep up with the demands in the toxic world that we live in. Therefore, we must help the body rid itself of these toxins by using antioxidant products, and eating foods that contain natural antioxidants.

By detoxifying the body, you will find that depression usually goes away. Antioxidants also serve as diuretics, bring blood sugar levels into the normal range, and oxygenate the cells properly. Libido is restored and thyroid hormone action, which controls metabolism and ultimately weight loss, is also promoted. By detoxifying the body, a woman also protects against fibroid cysts in the breasts, and helps to prevent breast cancer.

Antioxidants have also proven to be instrumental in preventing endometrial cancers as well, and also help to prevent osteoporosis. All of these issues are of great concern to women, and therefore, women should use antioxidants on a regular basis for good health.