Apec Diem Thuy Thai Nguyen Industrial Park becomes a new model industrial park in Vietnam

THAI NGUYEN, Vietnam, Nov. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Located next to Hanoi, converged of many large industrial zones and considered as “the first choice” for manufacturers aiming to move out of the Chinese market, Thai Nguyen emerged as an industrial real estate market with the most potential in the North thanks to its convenient location as a trade bridge with synchronous investment transport infrastructure. Besides, Thai Nguyen is also considered as one of the important industrial park of Korea in Vietnam. Up to now, there have been up to 17 projects with a total registered investment capital of 352.8 million USD, including major investors such as Samsung, Masan, etc.

Apec Diem Thuy Industrial Park is synchronously invested with high infrastructure standards

Apec Diem Thuy Industrial Park is an member of APEC Thai Nguyen Investment Joint Stock Company, located in Phu Binh district and Pho Yen town center, Thai Nguyen province; located next to the highway HanoiThai Nguyen, near the river (Cau river, Cong river, Da Phuc port), railway (HanoiThai Nguyen) and by air (near Noi Bai airport). Overall, Apec Diem Thuy Industrial Park has convenient traffic, easy connection, which is very suitable for investors to locate factories.

Investing in Apec Diem Thuy Industrial Park, the investor would benefit from the available and modern infrastructure, for example, the two-lane provincial road system 82m wide, internal road system 20m36m wide, electrical system, rainwater drainage & separate wastewater, telecommunications services, information technology, security, bank, etc. Furthermore, investors would be generously supported to convenient completion of all the procedures for applying for an investment license, tax code and seal.

With the orientation of developing a sustainable industrial park, achieving high economic efficiency and supporting investors, the whole area are divided as factory area, headquarter, land services for industrial parks, greenery area, water surface area, traffic area, parking lot and so on.

Apec Diem Thuy is a combination of industrial development and various services, ensuring sustainable development and creating synchronous infrastructure. Mr. Nguyen Quang Huy, Deputy General Director of APEC Group affirmed “Apec Diem Thuy Industrial Park would form a sustainable ecosystem, meeting the needs of housing and convenient living environment for experts, engineers and workers, opening up impressive business opportunities and making sustainable profitable investments.

Invested synchronously in technical infrastructure, social infrastructure, modern architectural planning and beautiful landscape, Apec Diem Thuy Industrial Park forms a sustainable eco-friendly ecosystem, meeting the needs of housing and convenient living environment, as well as opening up impressive business opportunities and making sustainable profitable investments.

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