Applying Project Management in Wedding Organisation

Organisation is a key ingredient of any successful wedding. It is essentially a massive project management exercise where a wide range of resources have to come together from a point in time perhaps a year or more out, to deliver in a very specific time window on a very specific date.

As such the planning and organisation of the wedding has to be treated like a project in a business and the methodology of project management needs to be applied including identifying the packages of tasks that need to be delivered and in which order, the timeline for those tasks, the dependencies between those tasks and the risks associated with the tasks.

Numbers of tasks are then bundled together into ‘stages’ and each stage carries a risk analysis and mitigation assessment. In this exercise you have to examine what the risks are of all of the tasks in the stage and the Bride and Groom have to put plans in place to mitigate or avoid as many risks as possible. For example one risk might be ‘what if the Bride’s car doesn’t turn up?’ First we assess the likelihood of the risk as low but we mitigate the risk by putting in place an action to counter the risk i.e. Dad’s car is on standby with brother driving if the Bride’s Car doesn’t turn up. You can take risk analysis one step further by saying what if Bride’s car doesn’t turn up and Dad’s car wont start? Again it is a case of assessing the level of risk and mitigation.

Getting married should be the happiest time of your life but it can also be stressful. Communication has to be one of the key issues in the organisation of a wedding. Essentially you have a project with many components and many players involved, all of which has to be co-ordinated. In many cases the same pieces of information may have to be conveyed many times to many different people. This could include, where to stay, the wedding guest list, how to RSVP, where to obtain photos, travel and directions, what the Bride’s mother is wearing, the reception seating plan. In pure project management terms the ideal solution to this dissemination of information is to post all of the critical information online in one easy to access location and point all enquiries to that location. Only where the exceptions occur do you have to intervene to answer questions.

Using classic project management techniques to manage a wedding will save time effort and stress.