Are Women That Different To Men When It Comes To Flirting?

In my earlier articles, I discussed in vivid detail the differences between men and women. If you have not read these articles, take some time and go back to them, it would surely help you understand the vital differences between men and women before you go out on a date or think about flirting.

Men are very direct. Men say what they mean, and mean what they say. Women are the polar opposites. Women are very indirect in both their actions and words. So I have seen some men being very direct in their flirting. They go up to the women they would like to date and blurt out how beautiful she is and that he would love to have a date with her.

How do you think most women will respond to that? They will think you are not only lame, but shallow. To state that you would like to go out on a date with her the moment you walk up to her without even getting to know each other other means you probably want one thing, SEX. This is why most men fail. They treat flirting like everything else they do in life by being far too direct.

Flirting is a most natural way for a women to get what they want in life. They flirt in the workplace to get what they want, even though most never really admit to it. They also usually got what they wanted in school with the male teachers and the boys because of their flirting power.

Women like to know that they have this power to make men fall over themselves for them. Contrary to popular belief, women do not want men to like them based solely on their looks. They know of course that looks do help; however, they do want men to like or love them on many levels including their sexuality, charm, intellectual ability, personality etc.

Women love it when men flirt with them. It brings out the playfulness they seek in a man. When they know you're flirting with them, they literally imagine how sexy you could make them feel if they were in a relationship with you.

Women know that a fun and playful man will always keep the romance sexy and alive in both the bedroom and out. A man who is too serious and always cares himself like a high class business executive will usually bore the hell out of women because they can never be playful and pamper their women like women would like.

Flirting is a great tool to feel out a situation with women and find out if she's receptive to you. A big advantage of flirting for men is that a man's ego is so never on the line when they are flirting as they did not really make any direct engagements which could be either rejective or humiliating.

The main aim of using flirting to your full advantage is to make the woman you want, wanting to see you again.

It also gives men and women an ego boost from time to time and to know they still have that vitally important sexual energy that is inside them that can be unleashed at will.

In the mean time, GOOD LUCK!