Ashley Marie continues to evolve to remain relevant as a jewelry brand

Ashley Marie created the A.MARIE jewelry brand as a fashion house with several multi brands. Ashley seems to have seen it all and done it all in the jewelry market, starting her jewelry making business even before she turned 10. While she has been able to grow her jewelry brand to become a household name for women that want to make a statement each time they step out, Ashley revealed that it has not been a particularly smooth journey, attributing her success to constant evolution.

The jewelry market is worth several billions of dollars. Over the years, several brands and manufacturers across the globe have emerged to meet the needs of consumers. Consequently, the market has become increasingly competitive and dynamic due to the influx of brands. This has made it even more difficult for the different stakeholders in the industry from jewelry makers to retailers to maintain their share of the market. However, one name – A.MARIE, seems to have mastered the art of keeping customers wanting more of their products.
When asked about how she has kept her relevance in the industry, Ashley highlights her desire to constantly keep herself abreast of the latest development in the market. “I am always evolving. I have a passion to constantly grow and learn. I love to try new things and love surrounding myself with people who force me to level up,” said Ashley Marie.
My inner circle consists of people who are far better in areas that I think I can improve in. I don’t need to be the smartest person in the room – I love being able to sit and listen to others that I think add value to my life. Successful people don’t worry about the success of others. There is room for everyone at my table,” she continued.
It has not been easy over the years, but the efforts of Ashley and her team at A.MARIE have continued to pay off. The brand has steadily grown over the years, thanks to the unique combination of quality, relatively affordability, and most importantly, exclusiveness.
Ashley Marie is not resting on her oars of redefining the use of jewelry by helping millions of women worldwide express themselves freely.

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