Attract Asian Women by Circulating and Meeting a Lot of Asian Women

Here are some tips on how to pick up girls.

A lot of times, guys will find one girl that they wish to talk to and then will zero in on that girl and talk and talk and talk all evening with her. Unfortunately, a lot of girls will find some excuse to get away from that guy.

In this approach, the guys will talk forever and then the conversation just seems to disappear into thin air. This leads to an uneasy situation between the man and the woman as they both feel uncomfortable and eventually do not talk to each other. This gets away from your goals of keeping the interaction between you and your favorite lady exciting and keeping her highly interested in you. Now how do you do this? You will want to become the “socializer”. Now your next question is how do I do this? There are two main ways to accomplish this.

#1 – Circulate around the social gathering

The best way to do this is to circulate around the social gathering that you are at. As you move around the social gathering, you will have a quick initial interaction with each woman. You as the man will initiate the conversation, but you will also initiate the end of the conversation. So when you are ready, stop the conversation and move on to the next person that you want to talk to.

This will make you stand out, because you were the first guy to leave the conversation and the woman will find out that she didn’t have the power in the interaction like she normally does. You have just created interest in yourself from the woman, because you are now a challenge to her. All of you that are trying to attract an Asian women will love this because Asian women love a challenge.

#2 – Approach as many Asian women as you can

You will want to approach as many Asian women in the social gathering that you can. This will help you appear more popular with the ladies to the other women in the social gathering. When other Asian women see that you are socializing with a lot of women at this social event, you will appear as someone that they want to get to know and they will do whatever they have to do get and keep that attention from you.

So in conclusion, instead of approaching one woman and talking her all evening until there is nothing left to say, approach many women throughout the evening and have short conversations with them. In the process, you will be the “socializer”.

To your success,

Bruce Min