But Who’s Going to Pick Me Up?

While standing in my kitchen the other day my 4 year old grandson came to me and stretched up his little arms motioning for me, his grandmother to pick him up. “I’m tired; I don’t feel good,” he said. My reply to him surprised him and me. But who’s going to pick me up? I asked while struggling to pick him up.

As women, as tired women, stressed women, and struggling women not to mention mothers of small children and single mothers we tend to do the Eveready Bunny thing. We keep going, and going despite feeling like we can’t take it anymore or we just want to get away. We heed the call of our children young and old, forsaking our own health issues, depression, worries and everyday life issues. In the moment that Jourdin simply motioned his request for his Nannie to rescue him, pick him up; I realized that my own needs as a woman to be comforted and protected were not being met at least not with the naked eye.

As women, we go about our business of taking care of our families and being working mothers as well as the job of being a stay at home mom. As great a guy as your husband or boyfriend may be, there are times when we want to stretch up our arms and say, “pick me up”. Now my first thought was that Jesus is my “Nannie” to pick me up when I’m not feeling well, but for some it may be your best friend or you may have other women’s resources you use to confide in. The main thing is to have somewhere, or someone to go to in times of confusion or when you’re just tired of the madness.…

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The Art of Online Shopping (Buying Online)

Online Shopping can be defined as the art of buying products on the internet through websites mostly using the credit card as a means of payment. These products are usually purchased from websites classified as being secure to accept credit card information of their customers without the fear of their information being stolen.

The art of online shopping was another invention of the development of the internet as a way of making it easier for people to buy products from the convenience of their home or office using their laptop or computer and their credit card. In fact this was a major breakthrough for the credit card companies who before the internet age relied on point of sale machines for their cards to be debited through a strike through or swipe process. Today credit cards can not only be used to withdrawal money from ATM Machines or used in stores that have point of sale equipments but also make orders online on any goods or services they might be interested in buying.

The advantages of online shopping by far outweigh their disadvantages even though the disadvantages can not be overlooked which we will come to after the advantages are stated.

First an foremost the convenience of buying from your home or office is an innovation that would be forever embroidered.Not only do you have the comfort of your place of abode to deal with but an opportunity to shop at any time of the day, 356 days a year without restrictions. Secondly there is the advantage of your product being shipped to your doorstep without you having to go anywhere to collect your package.

With the current economic crunch in play where everyone is trying to cut cost and where energy price hikes are making movement of people with their personal cars become reduced only to extreme necessity, it is really imperative to mention that online shopping goes a long way in cutting costs in the long run and ensuring you keep to your tight budget.

Online Shopping also gives you the advantage of having the time to check out the products you intend to buy, check for discounts, best deals, best prices and reduced shipping taxes.

On the disadvantages of online shopping one can say that some websites do not actually sell what they say they sell and usually turn out to be fraudulent while some will simply take your estimated credit card information and use it to make purchases without your consent making you victim of a credit card theft.

It is therefore worthy to mention that one has to be extremely careful in making his choice from which website to buy from. Do not buy from websites that claim to do online shopping but do not accept credit card or paypal as a mode of payment but instead ask you to send them money through wires especially if they are orders below $ 1,000.

Also look for a secure seal when checking out from your cart to …

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Mature Dating Tip – How to Flirt

Flirting is ageless; you have the license to do it whether you’re 20 or 60. You need to know how to flirt in order to navigate the mature dating scene. Done right, it is a harmless and easy way to spark that special someone’s interest and make him or her want to know you a bit more. Here are some flirting tips to use on other mature daters you have just met. Do these and you’re guaranteed to get a second date:

1. Use your hands. The key to successful flirting is breaking the “touch barrier.” By initiating physical contact, you let the other person know that you are interested.

Be subtle but playful. Touch your date’s knee or arm while you make a point, for example. You can also let your knees touch subtly under the table. Don’t make the mistake of grabbing or lingering too long. Think short and subtle moves.

2. Laugh together. Reacting positively to your date’s jokes and funny stories is a big part of flirting. Aside from laughing, you can also show your interest by asking, “Really?” or saying “Wow.” Don’t fake it, though. If you’re truly not interested, there’s no need to try and appear like you are. Your boredom will show through.

3. Pay him/her compliments. Both men and women love to receive genuine compliments. If you think your date looks good, say it. Give your date a sincere compliment about his or her physical appearance. This implies an immediate attraction, and gets the date going to the direction you want it to go.

4. Say your date’s name. Consciously repeat his or her name to subtlety reveal your willingness to create a more intimate connection.

5. Body language. Your non verbal movements say more about how you feel than your words do. How genuine interest by “opening up” your body towards your date. Don’t cross your arms across your chest, for example. When talking, face your date directly.

Another way to show your interest is “mirroring.” If your partner leans in to talk or rests his or her elbows on the table, for example, you should do the same. Duplicating your date’s actions is a good way to show that you are in-synch.

6. Look nice. A date is not the time and place to wear your jogging pants. Be sure to dress a little bit more nicely than you usually do, even if you’re just going out for a walk or for coffee. Don’t make the mistake of trying to “dress young,” though, or you will just look older. Accept that you are already in the mature dating scene and that you need to wear age appropriate clothing. Torn jeans and a rock t-shirt will probably just turn off your date. Wear something nice even for a casual lunch date. For men, a good fitting collared shirt and flattering jeans (with no holes in them) should do the trick. Older women look good in A-line skirts and flattering tops. Make …

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Books – The Best Gift to Send to Whom You Love

If you are not sure what type of gift to give to a young adult, try giving a young adult book. Books make wonderful gift ideas. You can purchase young adult books at any major retail bookstore. The Internet is a wonderful resource for saving money if you know where to look, and books are one of the easiest items to save on, since you never have to worry about fit or color or style. There are many sources for cheap books online, and they are especially valuable for purchasing young adult books.

Young adults outgrow reading levels and interests so quickly that it seems a shame to pay full price for books that will most likely be read once and then discarded. By locating cheap books online through new and used booksellers, you can minimize the expense of keeping up with a young adult’s changing interests and provide a wide and ever-changing variety of reading material to keep your teen’s interests engaged.

Young adult books are generally written for audiences between the ages of 12 and 18, and deal with themes and topics that are especially relevant to teens. They are usually short to medium length chapter books addressing things like coming of age, dating, friendship, and fitting in, and can provide a means of understanding their own experiences as well as entertainment to the teen reader.

Because young adult books are read at specific ages and then outgrown, used young adult books are abundant. Few people keep young adult books once their children have reached adulthood, and the Internet provides an easy forum for buying and selling used books. From free book swapping sites to online retailers, there are many outlets that offer cheap books online, especially if you’re looking for young adult books.

Some popular sources for cheap books online are Amazon.com, Half.com and EBay. At all three, you can find used young adult books at a fraction of retail costs. If you prefer new books, don’t worry. Discount retailers like Overstock.com and the online outlets of major booksellers like Barnes and Noble offer new books at a discount from list prices. Be sure to consider shipping costs when looking for cheap books online, because sometimes what appears to be the best price is actually more expensive after shipping costs. Major online retailers frequently offer free shipping for larger orders, so be sure to be aware of store policies. Sometimes buying more can cost less!…

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Wedding Gowns Style For The Spring Time

Winter and spring, the two perfect seasons to tie knots. While there are many couples getting married at this time of the year when it's nearly freezing, there are others who wait for spring time to arrive. Even though getting married during winter brings a different excitement, spring brings with it pleasantness that lacks in winter. In fact for a bride it's much more comfortable to dress up for that special day in her life. With no extra woolen clothing to worry about she can flaunt the wedding gown exactly to her lying. Here are some spring time trends in bridal wear which the bride sure can not miss –

Black is the color – Yes! You are reading it right! Black is the color. It has become a hot favorite for the brides and the color is perfect to add a different glamor to the entire wedding ceremony. A black wedding gown is really a growing trend especially amongst the brides who want it the unconventional, modern way. It's even more attractive when you can accessorize it with black gloves, veil and shiny black stilettos.

Wedding gowns with unique back designs – This can be really interesting. Nowadays, with the changing trends spring time weddings have brides wearing gowns with extremely unique back designs. It all looks too impressive and would have all guests gaping at the back design.

Be a princess – Princess Style wedding gowns are absolutely in vogue. Brides who are curvy and have an envious figure can opt for such a type. In fact this particular wedding dress is in the limelight for this year. So, flaunt one such dress and be a princess.

Off-shoulders – off-shoulder design in wedding gowns are elegant and makes a bride looks so graceful. This is mainly suited for those who have a beautiful neckline and love to show them off. One-shoulders and V-neck are also popular choices amongst the brides.

Flowers can be the ultimate choice – Spring time is the season of flowers. Springtime inspires the floral and garden theme for many weddings. So it would be appropriate to include floral designs and motifs on wedding attire. This helps bring a complete feminine touch to the bride.

This spring celebrates a unique wedding along with a perfect bride. The above were the spring time wedding gown trends which not a single bride can afford to miss! …

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Curtain Hardware With a Twist – Fashion Draperies & Tips to Buy Them

Curtain hardware has come a long way from the time when one had no option but to stick with boring white curtain rods. Today there are so many options in the curtain hardware industry that can dress up any room. An array of beautified curtain rings, interesting curtain rods and curtain poles can be incorporated to make your window look exceptionally large and stylish. You can now find drapery rods, curtain rods, curtain finials, curtain hooks, rings, and tiebacks in a mind-boggling assortment of designs in iron, wood, stainless steel, decorative ceramic, wrought iron, painted or not.

Once you step out in the markets to pick your curtain window hardware, you will be bombarded with many varieties offered by the building hardware industry. Once on the hunt it will be difficult to differentiate between two fabrics and designs. So one should be prepared before setting out. Following are some of the tips that will help you choose the best thing available in the market, of course for your home.

  • Make sure that before buying you ordinate all the drapery material, drapery hardware, and fabrics to ensure that they look good together. Select thin, light rods for sheer drapery panels. For heavier draperies, find a rod with a larger diameter and choose a bold curtain finial.
  • Make up your mind regarding the curtain rods as to whether you want them to be the prominent decorative element or if you want it to be hidden behind the draperies.
  • The size of the room will decide the size of the drapery rod and curtain hardware accessories. Select wide diameter poles, rods, and rings for large room and vice versa.
  • Before buying the panels, decide upon whether your draperies remain open most of the time or will they be opened and closed daily. Choose panels that can hang from the sides and can be arranged on a basic or decorative pole. To move the panels open and closed, you'll need a draw cord system or clip-on or sew-on decorative rings.
  • Layering the window treatment is important for an adaptable window covering. Further to avoid lighting or restore privacy, install a blind or shutters next to the glass.
  • Longer fabric lines will add height to a room. For this install drapery hardware well above the window frame, or even up along the ceiling line.
  • If you plan to install a two layered drapes or curtains then make sure you get a double rod or two separate rods. The inner rod closest to the wall will hold the drapery panels while the outer one will hold decorative panels or a valance.
  • A curtain tape, which is used to create decorative headings for curtains are available in nylon, polyester and other materials. Choose the fabric that synchronizes with the curtain fabric and the color of the room. Keep these valuable tips and guidelines in your mind the next time you go shopping for your curtain hardware. You can look at choosing drapery hardware as just another fun
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How You Can Make Your Wedding Day Unique

If you want your wedding to be the talk-of-the-town, you need to give attention to little things in order to make it unique. A typical wedding can be predictable but the following tips will make your own to stand out among the crowd.

You can give a little bit of information about your bridal train instead of just listing their names in your wedding program. You can also hang your dress on a silk coat hanger so that the photograph of the dress can be taken by guests before you put it on. It is also cool to provide tissues in the rows where families will be seated so that they can use them for their “tears of joy”.

Another way to make your wedding unique is to read your vows to candlelight. You can arrange for your guests to get a candle each on their entrance to the venue. As soon as it is time for the vows, you can ask your ushers to light the candles at the end of the row and ask them to pass the flame around.

In addition, you can provide a video confessional booth at the venue where guests can confess their sins and also make wishes. In addition to the ceremony ushers, you can deploy reception ushers because of some stubborn guests that may come to your party. You can also ride in a magical hot air balloon if there is need for you to shuttle between the ceremony and reception venues.

The groom can also be blindfolded so that the first thing he sees at the ceremony is the bride in full regalia. A face painting booth can also be a wonderful addition to the venue and this will definitely add color as well as fun to your wedding.

You can also borrow the idea of a basket of flip-flops for dancing. An empty basket is labelled ‘air guitars’ and it is passed round so that guests can mime that they are taking an axe out of it to jam with when your best rock song is played.

Creating an official hash tag for your wedding is an exceptional idea. Your guests will take pictures at the event, hence, you should make sure that the hash tag is visible for everyone to see so that it can become trending in good time. After the wedding, you can just search for the hash tag to see more pictures from various angles.…

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Memory Card Recovery

It's your worse nightmare … you have just taken the wedding pictures or the new baby pictures and … they're gone! Keep in mind the photos are stored on your card as data and may still be there. What you may need is memory card data recovery.

Let's think through how the pictures may have gotten lost. With all the buttons and menus on digital cameras, it's possible someone hit the format button. Or the photos were deleted accidentally or intentally. Or maybe the card was damaged or damaged due to the card being stuck out while your camera is on. You can also suffer data loss due to using the card between different cameras / computers / devices. Yes, there are plenty of ways to lose your pictures.

If any of these happened, there is still hope. Why? Because your memory card is a miniature storage device and the pictures were stored as files. It is possible to do memory card file recovery. In the movies you see people recovering files from damaged computers. Well, it's not just in the movies … it really is possible.

In our example your camera uses SD memory cards so you need to find SD memory card recovery. Not a problem. There is memory card recovery software for your computer and it works on all types of cards. Some companies will let you download a trial for free. If it works, be nice to the company and pay them for the full blown version. Why? Because you are grateful and you need to keep those people in business. They just recovered those wedding pictures!

Here are a few suggestions if your important pictures have disappeared from your memory card. First, set the card aside and do not try to add or delete anything. Second, either download software from a company like CardRecovery or take the card to a professional photography store. These guys have had more than one professional photographer come in after a wedding in a full blown panic because the pictures disappeared. They are experts at photo memory card recovery.

To learn more about memory cards, visit http://www.bestratedcamera.com where you will find this information and complete specifications and lowest prices on the best rated top reviewed digital cameras and … much more. …

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Give A Gift That Just Keeps Giving – The Gift Of Music

If like most people you are filled with trepidation and fear at the thought of an upcoming birthday or gift giving time of year because of the thought of what to buy then maybe you need to get back to basics as far as gift giving goes. We all do it at some point, we all think way to hard about what to buy someone and then end up getting the totally wrong gift because we have wrapped ourselves up so much we have lost sight of the main aim, getting a gift for a friend or family member that will mean something to them and show them that you care. So what is the best way to approach this dilemma so that we get our gift giving right every time?

Whether buying for a friend or a member of the family it is important to keep one thing to the forefront of your mind, will the person you are buying the gift for be happy with it? If you are unsure then do not buy it, it is as simple as that. Always make sure that you give yourself plenty of time in the weeks preceding the event to go out and look for a gift, the inter web has made this chore a lot more bearable by enabling you to seek out any gifts or presents over the web first before you even decide to go shopping. If you are certain that you have found the right gift and are happy with the price then you may sometimes be as well off buying online rather than having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Shopping online has made gift buying so much easier, before the take off of the inter web you were confined to the shops local to where you live but now you have the world at your fingertips, as well as this you can do as much research as you feel you need to make sure that you get the right product. In theory choosing a gift should never have been so easy but as with most things in life, the more choices we have the more difficult it gets to decide.

In these situations keeping it simple is the only answer but simple does not always have to mean borrowing. For instance if you have a friend or loved on who has a passion for music why not look to get them a musical gift, something like a sheet music book with some of their favorite songs in it, if they play an instrument it will give them hours of enjoyment, if they can not play an instrument it may give them the urge to start playing. If you set your mind on finding a musical gift [http://www.cheap-personalized-mugs.com/Gifts/Gifts/Gifts] and the person can not play and has not got an instrument then why not look at getting an instrument starter set as a musical gift.

A gift should be something that can be enjoyed, …

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How to Handle Women – A Playboy’s Method to Handle Women and Make Her Beg You For Sex

When it comes to choosing a partner, women pursue a very specific set of qualities in a man. Most men find it hard to get the women they want because they don’t possess these qualities. While most men seek the ‘silver bullet’ to make them better with women, the fact is that they won’t be able to shortcut the process because women are able to detect fakery very easily. Therefore, it is very important for men to know how to handle women, and to be able to display those desired characteristics effectively at the same time.

Now here’s the kicker…

The good news is that you do NOT have to change in order to be the man that women want to pursue. However, you will need to know some tricks that will enable you to handle women more effectively. I hereby bring you…

3 Deadly Effective Ways To Handle Women

1. Conceal Your Weaknesses. This is rule numero uno. Men fail in relationships because they expose their weaknesses too early in the game. It’s fine to show the ‘weaker’ side of you when you have already had sex with the woman about twenty times in five days, but if you come across as a total wimp in the first ten minutes then you can be sure that you won’t get into her panties. Ever.

2. Conceal Your Emotions. When you’re in her company, you might be in a vulnerable situation where you feel the urge to react emotionally. Remember that you are always being tested, so be as emotionless as possible. Act as if nothing bothers you at all. All (yes, ALL) women test their potential mates by making them jump through hoops. Call her bluff.

3. Bring Her Through An Emotional Rollercoaster. Learn this strategy and thank me for it. Women love drama. Give them pleasure, and then pain, and then pleasure again. She will be hooked on you like how she is hooked to those sissy tearjerkers and soap operas.…

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