Away Mini Gift Set Gift Pick

If you’re anything like us, you’re obsessive about finding the perfect gift. A Scouted Gift Pick is our stamp of approval for certified winners in the gifting department. You may not even need to get a gift receipt.


Away Mini Gift Sets: Away, purveyor of the high-tech luggage you’ve seen at airports and on trains for the last few years, has the perfect miniature holiday gift. The limited-edition Away Mini Gift Sets feature a travel case full of different goodies, depending on your giftee. Choose the Bliss Set for someone that needs some calm in their life, packed with hand sanitizer, a foot soak, and fancy creams. The Adventure Set comes with all the items you need to keep your skin safe while outdoors. Finally, the Boost Set comes with energizing facial sprays, sheet masks, and biodegradable glitter for some festive fun. There’s also the Travel Wellness Kit, which includes face masks, hand sanitizer, and more.


Your travel-hungry friend that cannot wait to get back to satiating their wanderlust. Your best friend that needs some skin care in their life, but just doesn’t know it yet. Yourself, because these travel-sized cases are perfect for storing your goods on the go.

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