Baby Portraits – An Oil Painting From Your Photos

Forget the tie this Father's Day; oil painting portraits of children is a Father's Day gift that is sure to be unexpected. A custom-created oil painting can be commissioned from a professional using a photograph of your baby, which is especially helpful if you're child does not sit still for long. If you are truly adventurous and enjoy experimenting, you can even paint an oil painting on your own.

A Unique Gift Idea

A child portrait, especially a baby portrait, is not only a timeless and classical way to commemorate the privilege of fatherhood, but it is also a Father's Day gift that will likely be completely unexpected. Forget the work shirts, golf equipment and barbecue supplies this year; a Father's Day gift should be a sign of thanks and appreciation for your special dad. Furthermore, a baby portrait is truly a gift that he will cherish for the rest of his life and one that will probably also become a family heirloom.

An oil painting is a non-traditional and unique Father's Day gift idea. While baby portraits, just like any other oil paintings, can be expensive, it may be worth the cost to be able to convey a special message to the man who has been such a wonderful father.

How it's Done

Most babies are not willing to sit still for the long hours that are necessary to paint a traditional portrait; however there are many artists who will create an oil painting from your photo. Choose a photo that is clear and accurately portraits the expressions and personality of your baby. Giving a Father's Day gift such as a mandated baby portrait will forever preserve that particular moment in time for the father and will be a vision that he will certainly carry with him always.

Select the Right Artist

When it comes to oil painters, not all artists are the same. Make sure to choose an artist that specializes in portraits, sometimes even one that works solely on baby portraits. Choosing an artist that works mostly with landscapes and still-life paintings or other non-human subject matter may not be the best choice for your baby portrait, though his or her work may be impressive. The artist that you commission should be able to capture facial expressions and the humanity of the child in the portrait. In order to select the artist that is best for you, ask your friends who they have heard of and spend some time looking through portfolio books.

Once you have your committed baby portrait, make sure that you wrap it well so that it does not get any scratches before Father's Day. Select a location in your home that you can be proud to feature the work. As your child grows, you will likely want to place this baby portrait next to future portraits of him or her.