Baby Shower Gifts

You have been invited to a baby shower. What gift should you bring? You know the sex of the baby, but everyone always gets so many clothes. The baby usually doesn’t even wear half of them. What can you get that will really help in those beginning months? When it’s the first child you really want to give things that will help the mother and father along the way.

Diapers are good, but don’t get newborn sizes. They will be growing out of them quickly and newborn sizes won’t fit for long. Get the second smallest size if you are choosing to give diapers. Chances are that they will get quite a few packs of newborn diapers in any case.

Get them a box of wipes or a box of wipe refills. Parents can use wipes for almost anything. Of course they are handy for diaper changes, but they are also perfect for wiping the baby’s body, cleaning up when the baby spits up, and more.

A gift card to a retail store is a good thing to give at a baby shower. There are so many gifts they will be getting, yet there will always be a few things that they still need. Gift cards come in handy when the couple needs to purchase the items they didn’t get as gifts. A baby’s needs are endless in those first few years so the gift card will never go unused.

There really are so many things you can buy for a baby, but these gifts will go a long way in helping those new parents out.