Baptism Gifts – How to Select One

There are many possibilities when it comes to choosing the perfect Baptism gift to celebrate this very special day.

Gifts of Faith

This would include any item that commemorates the religious significance of the baptism including: a personalized tile, a baptism bracelet with the baby's name, a custom keepsake box, a baby rosary, a blessing plaque to be placed on the baby's wall, a book of prayers, a personalized photo album or picture frame or any other item that serves as a reminder of this important day.

Gifts of the Heart and Hands

Anything handmade will be appreciated. Quilted or knitted baby blankets, scrapbook albums and gift baskets are always a welcomed gift.

Gifts of Time

This is the perfect gift for anyone on a budget. Parents, especially mothers, always appreciate a helping hand. This could mean offering anything from babysitting and laundry help, to shopping and preparing meals. Simply create a homemade coupon with the details of your gift and include it in a lovely card.

Gifts of the Future

A gift of a savings bond, check, or a contribution to the child's college fund is always appreciated.

Gifts of Growth

A gift of a small tree or a beautiful perennial plant such as a rose bush is a unique and sentimental gift. And one that will be enjoyed season after season.

Gifts of the Soul
A thoughtful gift is a letter to the child and / or the parents stipulating what this day means to you in terms of your love and friendship for them and your hopes for their future. Your letter will be a meaningful keepsake from their special day.

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