Fixing an eyelash does not only make you add to your beauty as a lady but helps you look gorgeous. Growing the eyelash has suddenly become trendy in the fashion world as everybody wants to look good. Over time more people are curious about how to go about it, and they become so eager to know the best natural and artificial way to go about it. Some use mascara while some use serums to grow theirs. In this article, we would like to look at some questions that most people ask about growing eyelashes and the steps they take to develop a lasting one.

What duration does it take for eyelashes to grow?

Naturally, according to reports from doctors, it takes up to three months for an eyelash to grow, because it must pass through three different stages. The first stage is the catagen (dormant stage); the second stage is the telogen (the growth phase), while the third phase is the anagen stage (the growth stage).   The most surprising and discouraging part of it is that most eyelashes eventually fall off, which is the reason why the result of the three months wait is not always encouraging. However, since we look to have a great eyelash, and some tend to fall off in the process of growth, we can’t wait for that. That is the reason we have to apply another method. We shall now explain for a better understanding of how to grow an eyelash.

According to the doctors, there is a product called Latisse, it’s an eyelash growth serum approved for use by the FDA, but over time the doctors realized it is also useful for some other purposes. Still, its primary use is mainly for eyelash growth.

However, you can hear from your friends or relatives who have used one eyelash serum or the other for eyelash growth. It is possible because the product they are using may contain ingredients comparable to bimatoprost. Some serums are not medically certified but available for use even as there is no side effect to it but not recommended but can be used to grow an eyelash growth. As a result, more people now come up with another question of what are the best eyelash products out there.

The best eyelash serum you can use

There are lots of eyelash serums you can use, although there is a recommended one that you can rely on. The best you can depend on aside the recommended one is boostlash. Just as its name implies, it helps you to boost your eyelash and avoid it falling off. It’s a clinically tested serum that helps ladies increase the volume, lengthens, and, at the same time, fortifies all lashes. Compared to competitors in the eyelash industry, boostlash serum contains a unique ingredient that coats lashes, soften lashes, and enhance growth. If you are serious about growing your eyelashes, you can count on boostlash serum.