Best Man Wedding Speech – A Primer

The best man toast is most eagerly awaited by everyone at the wedding, be it the groom or the bride or the guests. It is not uncommon for the best man to feel intimidated. But with a few handy tips, you will be ready to deliver your perfect speech whether or not you are a natural public speaker or a reporter one.

Before the Speech

Generally helpful and good behavior at the wedding will ensure a general goodwill for you. Everyone will be looking forward to your speech and they will also be more forgiving in case you make any mistakes. It is very important that you stay sober while giving your speech. Try to ignore the drinks table toill you are through with the speech.

Take into account the Wedding ceremony and other events and see if there was anything special that could make a last minute entry in your speech. It could be something funny or even tragic that happened in the course of the morning. Include these details only if you feel that your audience will be receptive of it.

Forming Your Speech

Organize your speech in such a way that it contains a flow. Start by introducing yourself and your relationship with the groom. Move the spotlight from yourself to the groom immediately and speak about the groom and bride and how you wish them the best for their married life. You can make the speech funny by including hilarious incidents from their love life or maybe what you first thought about the whole affair. In the end, raise a toast to their good health and happiness.

Ending the Speech

A humorous, informal speech may end here, but if you are following proper formalities, you can end the speech by including a thanks to the parents hosting the wedding. Once the toast is raised, you can enjoy your drink and continue being polite, friendly and helpful throughout the wedding.