Body Language to Attract Women: How It Works

As much as you would like to believe that women are attracted to good looking or wealthy men, the reality is far removed from that in most cases. The key to approaching and attracting women is communication.

Now, by communication, we generally mean what we talk to people. Oral communication, however, is not all there is to communication. The fact is that 90% of our daily communication is through non-verbal signals or what is commonly known as body language. When you are in the company of people, there is a constant transmission of positive or negative non-verbal signals without your knowledge. That means that if you are just a bit careful, you can use body language to attract women.

The best part of using body language to attract women is that you see instant results. The moment you modify body language to attract women, you immediately become approachable. The other good thing about this is that the changes that you have to make are subtle and elusive. However, once you adopt them, they become a part of your natural style.

If you see a person engrossed in writing something, you get a signal that s/he is not to be disturbed. If you have to say something, you wait until s/he puts down the pen or stops typing. Similarly, who do you find more approachable: a person with her head down and hands locked behind her back, or one who is walking upright with her head held high?

As explained, body language is non-verbal. It is how you move, the tone of your voice, your posture and other physical expressions. A person crossing her arms across the chest sends different signals depending on the environment. Crossing arms is generally considered to be a barrier, i.e. a barrier between the person and others around her.

If it is cold, the crossing of arms is normally accompanied by the rubbing of palms. In a calm environment, it is a signal that a person is deeply engrossed in the topic being discussed. On the other hand, it indicates opposition in an environment where something is being debated. This should be enough to understand that body language to attract women is a powerful tool for making an impression.

If you want to attract women, your body language should exude confidence. If you are fidgety, you are sending a negative signal. A confident man has full control over his movements and walks slowly, thus conveying a message that he is in control of the situation. Even while relaxing, a confident man leans back and makes himself as comfortable as possible. A shy man, on the other hand, will sit upright with folded arms as if trying to shield himself from others.

There is more to using body language to attract women apart from body postures. The absence of eye contact sends a negative signal. A nervous man or a man who is too eager to meet women or men with anxiety problems will avoid eye contact. Similarly, the tone of your voice makes a great difference. Speak slowly in a conversational tone if you want to impress women. Men who speak fast usually make embarrassing mistakes, which eventually signals nervousness even if they are not in that frame of mind.

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