But Who’s Going to Pick Me Up?

While standing in my kitchen the other day my 4 year old grandson came to me and stretched up his little arms motioning for me, his grandmother to pick him up. “I’m tired; I don’t feel good,” he said. My reply to him surprised him and me. But who’s going to pick me up? I asked while struggling to pick him up.

As women, as tired women, stressed women, and struggling women not to mention mothers of small children and single mothers we tend to do the Eveready Bunny thing. We keep going, and going despite feeling like we can’t take it anymore or we just want to get away. We heed the call of our children young and old, forsaking our own health issues, depression, worries and everyday life issues. In the moment that Jourdin simply motioned his request for his Nannie to rescue him, pick him up; I realized that my own needs as a woman to be comforted and protected were not being met at least not with the naked eye.

As women, we go about our business of taking care of our families and being working mothers as well as the job of being a stay at home mom. As great a guy as your husband or boyfriend may be, there are times when we want to stretch up our arms and say, “pick me up”. Now my first thought was that Jesus is my “Nannie” to pick me up when I’m not feeling well, but for some it may be your best friend or you may have other women’s resources you use to confide in. The main thing is to have somewhere, or someone to go to in times of confusion or when you’re just tired of the madness.