Catch Your Man with Gifts the Three Magi Did Not Think Of

It is said hat the way to a man's heart is through his stomach? Why take the longer route when you can immediately get his heart with the right gifts?

When a Woman Wants a Man

During courtship, a man gives the most romantic of gifts. Flowers, chocolates, jewelry and trinkets, and expensive dinners are always sure blockbusters with women. That is easy. But when a woman likes a man, the situation becomes tricky. If you were in this situation, you would not want to give gifts that would blatantly give your "honest intentions" away. You can not give him frankincense, myrrh, and gold. You are in the electronic age, after all.

Be honest. You want a gift that will keep him thinking about you even when he is in the middle of everything; something that will remind him of you the moment he gets out of bed; and something that will make him laugh and feel better after an 8 to 5 grind. Whatever, you want something far from corny or too impersonal. Just something cool so he will not suspect you're the one who wants him so badly.

Gifts So Right

If you're in this puzzler, the trick is to be honest with yourself. You want him to notice and appreciate your gift, short of prostrating himself before. With your gift, you want him to think about you, even when he is in another woman's arms. Your target is to get him, and get him you must with practical but memorable gifts. Men are boys and lovers at heart, and once in a while, they want to be pursed.

Before zero hour, think about your most wanted man before rushing out to get the gift. The gift should suit his personality type, job, and interests. At this point, you can not afford to give him titillating gifts. Wait until you are his girl, officially. By that time, you can give him adult cakes for fun, skimpy underwear, and big boy toys.

In the meantime, while you're waiting in the wings, get him a barbecue grill cover with his favorite football team logo. If he is a sleepy head, give him a travel alarm clock with your very special message engraved for eternity.

For the business man, give him an business card holder (with your name engraved) or a magnetic money clip. These are things he'll have to take with him everyday, mundane things, but with practical uses and with a covert purpose. Each time he pulls out his wallet holder or money clip, he'll think of you. Nice try.

Go goofy. Make your would-be darling laugh with fire starters that burn up where the face of Bush is embedded. It is comic relief for a busy man at the end of a busy day. Go for the gag keychains which blurt out funny movie quotes from his favorite actor. He can always have a little humor in his pocket to amuse friends at any place.

Gift-giving to catch a man needs some rethinking. Obviously, there is a disconnect between what a man says and what he actually wants. To attract him and eventually catch him tend to inspire a lot of creativity. But the little witch in every woman can handle that well without the help of the Three Magi.