Providing Emergency Wedding Party and Unique Wedding Favors

In some cases the hassles of the wedding may be too much on the wedding couple to the point that the wedding and unique wedding favors slip their mind till the event is too near. The bride and the groom have to rush and get the favors in a very short time. Also in other situations something may go wrong during delivery of the gifts as accidents, delay, wrong address or the supplier may fail to meet the deadline set. In event of any of the above quick measures must be taken to acquire the favors as fast as possible. In such predicament it is very hard to have your guests' favors personalized with complex methods; the use of printed labels can be used for temporary personalization.

To get emergency wedding and unique wedding favors the couple needs to consult the nearest gift shops to check on their products. The stores may not have enough tokens at the time so you can either buy some different shops or buy different favors. In the latter you can use the criteria as in different gifts for men and women. It is very unlicensed for most gift shops to miss something that you can use as wedding and unique wedding favors. Here the options to consider most of the factors affecting the choice in other situations are put aside, but if the choice is wide then try as much as possible to look into them and get the best as possible.

Another source of emergency favors is any supermarket near you; most of the supermarkets have wide range of products on offer ranging from edibles, electronics, decorations and many other items you can use as gifts as beauty products and containers, shavers, picture frames, watches and many more. If any favor desired is in not up to the number needed you can combine several favors knowing exactly who to give as some for the maids, best man and maid, parents, friend and guest of honor. In any locality there is a supermarket or a mall since this will be an easy source of emergency alternatives.

You can also use the clothing stores to quench your thirst for emergency tokens. Small items as handkerchiefs, scarf's and other cheap and affordable items can be used. Due to the double cost resulting from the failed delivery these gifts can stand in before the former arrives. Simple items will economically the spending especially if the earlier ordered goods will arrive later or the refund has not been received. These items are always themed so you can choose the theme that is closest to the occasion.

Edibles can offer the best wedding and unique wedding favors; they are cheap, easy to prepare in the shortest time and can be purchased in the shortest time available. Gifts as candies and cakes can be accessed from several shops around your town or city. In worst situation; little time and lack of funds you can go for the option of preparing …

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Is Kim Kardashian’s Cellulite Really That Serious?

To Photoshop or not to Photoshop, that is the question. Kim Kardashian is not a plus size woman, but she is known for her voluptuous figure. Complex Magazine created a buzz when it inadvertently put up an unaltered photo of the reality star on its website, and then replaced it with a retouched version later. The new and improved Kim had smaller breasts, a trimmer waist, and of course, slimmer cellulite-free thighs. The entire photo had been lightened including the background and Ms. Kardashian’s complexion. Side by side comparisons of the two images popped up all over the web.

Kim immediately took to her blog to defend herself. She brushed off the entire hubbub by responding “So what; I have a little cellulite. What curvy girl doesn’t?” Okay, that works. But then, after claiming to be proud of her curves and her body, she lets everyone know that she’s worked hard to make herself acceptable once again. Kardashian goes on, “At the same time as this Complex shoot, I was gearing up for my fitness DVD and you should see my thighs now!!! Ha ha!”

This is all disturbing on a few levels. For starters, the fact is that using Photoshop to change real bodies into cookie-cutter fakes is common industry practice. It is ridiculous, but it’s also old news. So, why do women still buy into the “this is how you should look” drama of magazines? And if Kim is so proud, why ruin a perfectly good with response by claiming she doesn’t look like that anymore?

What bugs me the most about the whole thing is that people think it is okay to criticize her figure whether it’s Photoshopped or not. There is no perfect or ideal body. Yet, women continue to make the news for gaining or losing weight like it is a matter of national security or something. Oprah felt so ashamed that she put her own side by side comparison on the cover of her magazine. Tyra Banks ranted on her show about her weight gain after critics ripped into her. Jennifer Love Hewitt blogged about the negative response to her bikini laden vacation photos. And weightloss companies like Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem keep making comeback stories of people like Valerie Bertinelli and Marie Osmond.

So what’s a full figured girl to do? It may seem nearly impossible to tune out all the negative body image messages flying around. It’s time that we learn to embrace all bodies for what they are. Let’s cut out the competitiveness. Beauty doesn’t come in one shape or size. If you’re plus sized, work it. If you’re slender, work it. If you’re somewhere in between, work it. Just don’t let someone else’s standard of beauty determine how you feel about yourself.…

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Inspirational Christmas Gifts – Small Acts Make Perfect Presents

Looking for the perfect gift? Searching high and low for something that is just right for that special someone? Perhaps, this year that gift doesn’t lay in a store or in an on-line catalog. Perhaps, this year the perfect gift comes from within.

Words of Gratitude:

The one thing most of us truly want is to know that we are valued and appreciated by others. A few kind words of appreciation are certainly gifts that will be joyously received. Words of gratitude are remembered for a life time. Even a quick Thank You note, a thoughtful e-mail, or an unexpected text message can brighten the entire Christmas Season.

Words of Praise:

Acknowledge the people in your life that inspire you. Speak kindly of others and applaud others successes. Your ability to focus on the positive in others brings out the best qualities in yourself. This Season, spread love, joy, and respect by giving the gift of praise.

Words of Encouragement:

For those in your life that are struggling, words of encouragement may be just the right gift. Uplift others by acknowledging their efforts to overcome. Strengthen the weary by offering words of hope, faith, and compassion. Small gestures of encouragement fortify and restore the human spirit.

Words of Inspiration:

Sometimes the words of others are the most inspiring. A lovely Christmas song, an elegant Christmas story, a beautiful Christmas card can truly inspire the deeper recesses of the heart, touching others in a unique and unexpected way.

This Season, when you find yourself looking for a gift from the heart, consider that the beauty of words may, in fact, make the most perfect present of all.…

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Pre Stitched Designer Saris – The Latest Fashion Statement in Indian Saris

Change is the spice of my life, and the latest fashion is no different. While every generation has its own style and dressing methods, it is the adaptation of style with substance like the pre stitched designer Indian sari that makes the headlines.

The Saree is considered as the traditional dress of Indian women but with passing generations the style of wearing the saree also has changed. It is often a hard task for a new person to drape an Indian sari. Girls are taught how to drape a saree by their mothers so that it adds up the beauty and grace of the person when worn.

The same designer sari which when worn properly gives u an elegant look, can look extremely awkward if you are unable to drape it properly. Unfortunately even though many have expertise in this art, lot of women do not know how to drape a saree in the most graceful manner. Enter the new ready to wear pre stitched designer Indian sari.

People were continuously in search of a better option to the pleating, tucking and folding of the pallu with the long yards of cloth. The fashion industry which always looks out for positive change brought the concept of pre stitched designer sarees or ready to wear designer saris.

A new product launched in the market will always have doubts arising in minds of the people. The doubt as to its suitability and reliability of the pre stitched ready to wear designer sari always persists. However, it is proven to be an easy technique which requires least effort and time. Though it may cost slightly more than the regular Indian saris, ready to wear designer saris compensate by the sheer convenience and comfort. Any young girl can wear it without anyone’s help because it is as simple as wearing a skirt.

Ready to wear designer saris have become the latest fashion statement and people are opting for it compared to the regular designer saris. It is available as a skirt with pleats already stitched and has a petticoat and blouse.

There is no fear of the pleats coming off like in the normal Indian sari. When you wear a pre stitched designer sari you will be confident and would have saved time and effort. As there is only one way of wearing it, you will look graceful and elegant. You can always carry an attitude in your appearance without fear.

Many people had a notion in their mind that using pre stitched designer saris would make them stand out in the crowd and that people would easily recognize it from the normal Indian sari. However, in a survey taken among the regular users of pre stitched designer sari, it has been noted that after wearing one there was actually no difference between a normal designer sari and a readymade one. After wearing, both looked nearly the same and no one could make out the difference.

Pre stitched ready to wear designer Indian saris …

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Is there formaldehyde in my skin and beauty products?

A client gets a hair-straightening treatment known as the Brazilian Blowout. High levels of formaldehyde used in the original treatment has caused concern, both for stylists and their clients.

A client gets a hair-straightening treatment known as the Brazilian Blowout. High levels of formaldehyde used in the original treatment has caused concern, both for stylists and their clients.

AP file

Most people know formaldehyde as a chemical commonly found in cigarettes, some building materials and used as an embalming fluid.

What you might not know is that this colorless chemical compound could also be lurking in your beauty and skin care products.

See how formaldehyde can affect your skin, how to spot it on an ingredient label and which formaldehyde-free skin care products are my favorites.

What is formaldehyde and why is it used in skin care?

Formaldehyde is a naturally occurring gas that consists of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon. Because of its effectiveness as a preservative, liquid formaldehyde is used in a variety of products, including some skin and beauty items.

When inhaled in its gaseous form, formaldehyde is a known carcinogen and can cause a number of adverse health effects.

As more information has become available about the risks of using formaldehyde in personal care products, some big brands have stopped using this ingredient as a preservative in their products. However, many others continue to use it.

The European Union has banned formaldehyde-releasing ingredients in skin and beauty products.

Formaldehyde and skin allergy

In both its gaseous and liquid form, formaldehyde is a known skin allergen and can cause contact dermatitis even at low-exposure levels.

If you are struggling with a skin allergy, consider checking your products for formaldehyde-containing and formaldehyde-releasing ingredients, many of which are included in this list from the Environmental Working Group:

DMDM hydantoin

Imidazolidinyl urea

Diazolidinyl urea


Bronopol (2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol )



Formaldehyde can also be found in nail polish, eyelash glues, soaps, hair products, shampoos, lotions and many other personal care products. So be sure to check the ingredient lists on all of the products in your daily routine if you think formaldehyde could be at the root of your skin allergy.

How to find formaldehyde-free skin care products

There are plenty of formaldehyde-free skin care products out there — you just have to sift through ingredient labels. Avoid the ingredients listed above when choosing new skin care products. If you’re not sure about a particular product, ask your dermatologist for formaldehyde-free recommendations for your skin type.

For more skincare tips and tricks, be sure to follow Baumann Cosmetic on YouTube, or follow @BaumannCosmetic on Instagram or Facebook.

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Jennifer Lopez stuns in makeup-free video, says she’s never had Botox as she launches beauty line

Jennifer Lopez is adding yet another title to her resume: beauty mogul.

The 51-year-old singer-dancer-actress-model announced on Wednesday night that she’s launching a beauty brand, simply called JLo Beauty.

To announce the venture, Lopez shared a video on social media, showing off her fresh, makeup-free face in order to plug a facemask.

“Oh my God, this is the best mask that I’ve ever, ever tried,” she gushed in the clip.


After “years” of being asked about her skincare routine, JLo said she felt “almost an obligation” to release products.

In the Instagram clip, it’s revealed that olive oil plays a big role in the line, as she feels it brings about a “natural glow.”

Fans gushed over the clip in the comments, calling Lopez a “timeless beauty,” “so pretty” and more.

Known for her ageless beauty, fans may be surprised to learn that the “Hustlers” star hasn’t “ever had Botox to this day,” per Elle.

Jennifer Lopez has announced her upcoming beauty line and revealed that she's never gotten Botox. (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

Jennifer Lopez has announced her upcoming beauty line and revealed that she’s never gotten Botox. (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

The star said that a dermatologist pointed out a “little line” on her skin and suggested she start botox at just 23 years old. Her boyfriend at the time agreed, but Lopez refused.


“I was like, ‘no, thank you.’ And I just wonder what would’ve happened to me if I would’ve started Botox at 23, what I would look like right now,” said the singer. “My face would be a totally different face today.”

Of choosing to opt out of Botox, Lopez explained, according to Page Six: “I’m not that person. I don’t have anything against people doing that; it’s just not my thing. I’m more about a natural approach to skincare … but I want [my products] to work. I want the hyaluronic acid in there. I want the things that are going to help, because I don’t want to have to go to the needles at some point.”

The star stunned in a makeup-free video on social media to announce the beauty venture. (Photo by Emma McIntyre /AMA2020/Getty Images for dcp)

The star stunned in a makeup-free video on social media to announce the beauty venture. (Photo by Emma McIntyre /AMA2020/Getty Images for dcp)

She added: “I’m not saying one day I won’t, but I haven’t yet.”

One of her biggest beauty tips is relatively simple, as well.


“One of the big things I would encourage everybody to do from the time they’re 15 years old, even younger, is wear sunscreen every day,” said Lopez. “That’s a big skincare secret that people kind of do but don’t do. They use moisturizers, but they don’t put on sunscreen every day. That is something I have done from that time I was 22 years old.”


Per the beauty line’s Instagram account, early access to products will begin on Dec.

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Ulta Beauty (ULTA) Q3 Earnings and Revenues Beat Estimates

Ulta Beauty (ULTA) came out with quarterly earnings of $1.64 per share, beating the Zacks Consensus Estimate of $1.51 per share. This compares to earnings of $2.25 per share a year ago. These figures are adjusted for non-recurring items.

This quarterly report represents an earnings surprise of 8.61%. A quarter ago, it was expected that this beauty products retailer would post earnings of $0.10 per share when it actually produced earnings of $0.73, delivering a surprise of 630%.

Over the last four quarters, the company has surpassed consensus EPS estimates three times.

Ulta, which belongs to the Zacks Retail – Miscellaneous industry, posted revenues of $1.55 billion for the quarter ended October 2020, surpassing the Zacks Consensus Estimate by 0.31%. This compares to year-ago revenues of $1.68 billion. The company has topped consensus revenue estimates two times over the last four quarters.

The sustainability of the stock’s immediate price movement based on the recently-released numbers and future earnings expectations will mostly depend on management’s commentary on the earnings call.

Ulta shares have added about 11.4% since the beginning of the year versus the S&P 500’s gain of 13.6%.

What’s Next for Ulta?

While Ulta has underperformed the market so far this year, the question that comes to investors’ minds is: what’s next for the stock?

There are no easy answers to this key question, but one reliable measure that can help investors address this is the company’s earnings outlook. Not only does this include current consensus earnings expectations for the coming quarter(s), but also how these expectations have changed lately.

Empirical research shows a strong correlation between near-term stock movements and trends in earnings estimate revisions. Investors can track such revisions by themselves or rely on a tried-and-tested rating tool like the Zacks Rank, which has an impressive track record of harnessing the power of earnings estimate revisions.

Ahead of this earnings release, the estimate revisions trend for Ulta was mixed. While the magnitude and direction of estimate revisions could change following the company’s just-released earnings report, the current status translates into a Zacks Rank #3 (Hold) for the stock. So, the shares are expected to perform in line with the market in the near future. You can see the complete list of today’s Zacks #1 Rank (Strong Buy) stocks here.

It will be interesting to see how estimates for the coming quarters and current fiscal year change in the days ahead. The current consensus EPS estimate is $2.46 on $2.01 billion in revenues for the coming quarter and $3.31 on $5.98 billion in revenues for the current fiscal year.

Investors should be mindful of the fact that the outlook for the industry can have a material impact on the performance of the stock as well. In terms of the Zacks Industry Rank, Retail – Miscellaneous is currently in the top 22% of the 250 plus Zacks industries. Our research shows that the top 50% of the Zacks-ranked industries outperform the bottom 50% by a factor of more than

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Ulta Beauty Lower After Adjusted Net Beats, Revenue in Line

Ulta Beauty  (ULTA) – Get Report shares were lower after the cosmetics chain reported fiscal-third-quarter net income fell 41% on 7.8% lower revenue.

The Bolingbrook, Ill., retailer’s adjusted profit beat Wall Street estimates while revenue was in line with expectations. 

For the quarter ended Oct. 31 Ulta Beauty earned $1.32 a share compared with $2.25 a share in the year-earlier quarter. Adjusted earnings for the latest period were $1.64 a share.

Asset-impairment and restructuring costs, related mainly to the suspension of its Canadian expansion, reduced reported net income by 32 cents a share, Ulta said.

Revenue fell to $1.55 billion from $1.68 billion.

A survey of analysts by FactSet produced consensus estimates of GAAP earnings of $1.51 a share, or an adjusted $1.50, on revenue of $1.56 billion.

Same-store sales were down 8.9%. The FactSet survey was calling for a drop of 9.6%.

Gross-profit margin for the quarter narrowed 2 percentage points to 35.1%.

At last check Ulta Beauty shares were trading down 5.4% at $274. They closed the regular Thursday trading session up 2.7% at $289.53.

Ulta has more than doubled off its 52-week low above $124, set in mid-March. It had touched a 52-week high above $304 just five weeks before that, in mid-February.

During the fiscal third quarter the company repaid an $800 million drawdown from its $1 billion credit facility. It had protectively drawn the funds in Q1 due to uncertainty tied to the pandemic.

Ulta declined to provide financial guidance. 

It said it “began the fourth quarter with nearly all stores open for retail. However, as covid-19 prevalence increases, market-specific government restrictions may also increase, resulting in reduced operating hours, limitations on in-store capacity, and in some cases, mandated store closures.”

Ulta Beauty said recently that next year it would launch its products in shop-in-shops at Target,  (TGT) – Get Report the Minneapolis-based retailing giant.

The plan is to create 1,000-square-foot shop-in-shops for Ulta next to Target’s beauty sections.

On the Nov. 11 “Mad Money” program, TheStreet Founder Jim Cramer quizzed Ulta Chief Executive Mary Dillon about the shop-in-shops program.

Dillon said that the new Target locations will have the look and feel of the main Ulta stores, with curated selections of brands and consultation areas. The shop-in-shops will be staffed by Target employees who’ve been trained by Ulta, she said.

Cramer asked about culture fit and Dillon said that both companies share a preference for what she called “conscious beauty,” including clean ingredients and sustainable packaging.

And she dismissed the idea that the shop-in-shops would cannibalize Ulta’s current locations, saying that the store maps for the two companies don’t overlap much.

On Nov. 24 Barron’s reported that Jefferies analyst Stephanie Wissink cut her rating on Ulta to hold from buy while affirming a $300 price target.

The paper reported that the analyst is expecting consumers to shop online because of the pandemic. And the sales those orders generate tend to have thinner margins than those from stores, the paper reported.

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Jennifer Lopez Reveals Her ‘Cure-All’ Skincare Ingredient Ahead of Beauty Line Launch

How does Jennifer Lopez look as enviously glowing as she does? She let Vogue know her secret ingredient while chatting about her upcoming skincare line JLo Beauty.

“My mom used to say that olive oil was the cure-all for everything,” the 2020 Billboard Women in Music Icon Award recipient explained, referring to her JLo Beauty Olive Complex, a blend of squalane, fermented olive oil, extra-virgin olive oil, and olive leaf extract.

The multihyphenate’s eight-piece skincare collection launches on January 1, and includes a cream cleanser, multitasking serum, “wonder cream,” sunscreen, eye cream, masks, complexion booster and a dietary supplement. “Everyone fought me hardest on the supplements,” Lopez explained of her once-daily capsules. “But skin care doesn’t work without boosting what’s going on inside.”

And while her beauty line is dropping in just a few weeks, one thing that Lopez is taking her time with is her sweet relationship with fiancé Alex Rodriguez. The couple had to postpone their wedding twice as the coronavirus continues to spread, but she told Access Hollywood that she’s in “no rush.”

“You know we’ve talked about so many different things cause we had to cancel the wedding last year because of COVID, because of the quarantine, and we actually did it twice, which people don’t know, where we had it in different times – first one canceled and then second one canceled as well – and so I don’t know,” she explained. “We kind of have let it go for a second.”

We’re good. Everything’s cool. It will happen when the time is right,” she added of her relationship with the former New York Yankee. See below.

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Pro-Approved PM Skincare – Best Evening Skincare

Ever wish you had a dermatologist on-call to answer all of your questions as you went through your nightly skincare routine? Well, Beauty Director Jenna Rosenstein tapped board-certified dermatologist Dr. Michelle Henry to do just that. In the video above, Dr. Henry gives Jenna’s own 10-plus product PM routine the once-over and helps her answer common Qs. Spoiler alert: Jenna’s routine passes with flying colors—and you’re going to want to go on a skincare shopping spree after checking out her favorites.

Dr. Henry and Jenna agree that the essential first step in building a pro-approved routine is buying your products from a legitimate source. Both are big fans of Dermstore, an authorized retailer for a highly curated selection of derm-approved skincare. “It’s really a trusted source for quality products,” says Dr. Henry.

Ready to dive into the routine? Check out the video above for tons of expert skincare tips, and shop Jenna and Dr. Henry’s product picks below.

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