The Proper Etiquette On What Kind Of Clothing To Wear When You Are Traveling In Costa Rica

In many foreign countries it is frowned upon to walk around exposing all kinds of skin like we do in the states. For example just because Costa Rica has a tropical and temperate climate does not mean you should walk around towns in your bikini, likewise even though they have been blessed by Mother Nature with abundant tropical jungles and fertile rainforests that does not pretend that men should dress like Tarzan, even if they have the body for it.

This is not to say that when you are in Costa Rica that you have to wrap yourself up. Even if clothing as a whole is determined by a society's cultural scene, its climate, and the manner its citizens live, Costa Rican clothing does not differ a great deal from any other Central or South American countries. All the same, in Costa Rica clothing has two main types. First you have the traditional Costa Rican clothing that is worn to symbolize the country's culture. This is also considered as their national costume and can be seen being donned by locals for folkloric presentations. The Costa Rican men however, are still seen wearing these traditional styles when working in the fields. The women typically never wear these costumes outside of the folkloric presentations. Their traditional dresses are defined by a long tiered skirt, full of colors and embellished with ribbons. The blouses are sleeveless but have wide ruffles at the neck that fall past the shoulders. Their hair is usually held back in a bun and a flower, generally Guaria Morada (the national flower), is inserted behind one ear.

Another type of clothing that is commonly worn in Costa Rica is contemporary clothing. This means the daily apparel that the Costa Ricans wear. Although the sun shines practically everyday of the year, shorts are typically not satisfactory outside of the beach resorts. If you're visiting you probably do not care, but Ticos which is what Costa Rican locals call themselves, leave them shorts for beach wear.

Ticos tend to dress very conservatively. So the most common thing you'd see them wearing around town are long pants and shirts. Mostof the citizenry wear long sleeves or jackets over their shirts as weather has sometimes become unpredictable bringing short rains in some afternoons. Men may sometimes be seen in knee-length shorts though, but again, shorter running shorts and surf shorts are saved for the beach. Dresses are worn on special occasions and are done so by the elderly people. Costa Rican clothing is also inexpensive, particularly the underwear and while the malls and shopping centers offer good deals, you will find the best bargains in downtown San Jose. …

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Who is Alice?

Alice is not a person. Alice is a team of talented people passionate about changing the way we shop for our needs that keeps our homes running. Their mission is to make our homes run smarter so we have the things time to spend doing more important things in our lives.

The co-founders of Alice, Brian Wiegand, and Mark McGuire, have spent their careers building customer-focused companies. Their formula was to use the web to disrupt existing businesses models and shift more power to consumers.

Alice is an online store. This store can provide us with our everyday needs such as toilet paper, trash bags, toothpaste, diapers, and etc.

The Internet has changed the way we shop for things like books, clothing, shoes and electronics, so why not for all our household needs? We buy online for the convenience and power to get product reviews, choose brands, see price comparisons, and make better choices. Until Alice, no one had come up with an efficient, cost-effective way to buy home essentials online.

Alice allows us to scratch household shopping off the To-Do-List. Alice provides us with a better way to manage our household essentials online. No more trudging off to the store, loading up cart, and hauling a trunk-load of stuff out of the parking lot. In addition to the free shipping with every order, you will find great prices too. We order from Alice, just like we would from any other retailer, and they work like a marketplace, allowing participating manufacturers to sell directly to us. Not every product on their site is sold direct from the manufacturer right now but they add new manufacturers each week to their direct platform. (They sourced a number of products themselves to get up and running.) The direct platform eliminates the retail middleman and saves lots of costs that can be passed directly to us. In addition to the saving us money, the Alice marketplace allows participating companies to have a direct relationship with us, to reward us, personalize things for us, and work smarter for us. It is a win-win that gives us fantastic convenience and tangible savings.

I personally like to shop at for the convenience, savings, coupons, reminder emails, and free shipping. I hate stores with a passion. I hate crowds of people in the store all shopping at the same time. The battle of getting through the isles and the wait at the check out. People in a hurry pushing and shoving through the isles and the impatience at the check out. Hauling a cart load of essentials to the car, loading up the car to get home and unload is a real chore.

The coupons! You take the time to clip them, sort them and most of the time get to the store and either forget to use them or most of the products you wanted are not on the shelves. I used to drive an hour to do my shopping and left my coupons at …

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7 Simple Ways To Save Money

Each of us knows how to spend money, but do we really know how to save our money? No, I am not necessarily talking about setting aside funds for an investments purposes – a good thing – but saving money on everyday items. Here are seven simple ways you can save money:

1. Use Appliances That Are Energy Efficient. Chances are your old refrigerator or washer is a pig on fuel. When shopping for a new unit, make sure that the energy rating is high. However, do not pay hundreds of extra dollars for a product if only a slightly higher energy rating is achieved. Instead, find out which model gives you the highest possible energy rating for the buck.

2. Click Coupons. You can save money on shopping by clipping coupons. Many stores will even double or triple manufacturers' coupons up to a certain amount as an added "come on" to get you to shop.

3. Shop The Wholesale Clubs. BJs, Sam's Club, and Costco all offer savings generally 10-30% lower than the supermarkets. They take coupons too.

4. Get Free Samples. Manufacturers enjoy giving away samples of their products. Sometimes all it takes is a letter or an email to the appropriate department and your freebie will arrive in the mail in the form of a product or as a coupon allowing you to purchase the item locally for free.

5. Go To The Library. Barnes and Noble and Borders offer a wide selection of books to their customers. However, you may be able to find that same title at your free public library. If not, ask a librarian if they would order the book for you. Hey, a free book is better than the $ 25 you will pay for a bestseller!

6. Shop And Compare. The internet allows consumers the opportunity to shop and compare on almost any product sold anywhere. Find the best price and order online if the items is cheaper than ordering in person. Do not forget to take into consideration shipping, handling, and taxes when ordering via the web!

7. Reuse And Recycle. Chances are the item you are throwing away can be used again. If you definitely have no use for the item sell it at a garage sale and pocket the procedures. In any case, you are contributing to a sound environment by not sending your unused good to the trash dump.

There are countless ways for you to save even beyond these seven. You need not be a skinflint to reap true benefits either, so start with these seven and come up with another seven ways for you to save too. …

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Non-Woven PP Shopping Bags With Logo Printing

Polypropylene nonwoven is supported by the textile world. What gives this material versatility and low cost. Is it really green? It is a recyclable material used to make bags of quality, low cost along with printing logos.

How are these Reusable Bags Good for Advertising?

Non-woven polypropylene bags make great promotional products because the material is easy to color, which gives companies a large number of color choices. They are also very affordable, and easy to print on. People will use these bags, which is another reason they are good for a promotional product campaign. Rather than using a redundant element that most people will throw away, reusable shopping bags with printed business logos will give companies greater exposure. Consumers welcome the companies that are environmentally conscious.

What is Non-Woven PP?

So what exactly is non-woven polypropylene? Let's start by explaining what it means to have a woven fabric. Cotton, which is a natural fiber growth is spun together for very long pieces. These long pieces are placed one above the other as basket weaving. Here is the expression of "woven." So when a substance is considered non-woven, it just means that it is not made of laced strands on the other. Instead, non-woven fabric is made from a type of plastic and press very thin in terms of substance.

Now, what is Polypropylene? This is a plastic polymer, whose chemical composition is C3H6. The advantages of this type of plastic is the high melting point, compared with many other plastics. This gives the material a washable feature and provides heat to melt the ink and transfers heat to the fabric for logo printing. Polypropylene can also be easily dyed, which explains why this material is very popular for making reusable shopping bags.

How are these Reusable Shopping Bags Green?

These bags are environmentally friendly because they are reusable, recyclable, and often made from recycled materials. The code for this type of plastic recycling is code 5. Not all recycling centers accept plastic code 5, but when people do recycle non-woven polypropylene, demand will be satisfied. Since the bags are reusable, they are reducing the waste of thousands of traditional plastic bags used in supermarkets. Non-woven polypropylene material is also environmentally friendly because less energy is used to produce these bags than while manufacturing cotton canvas tote bags. …

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Choosing Bedding

When you are away from home, how often do you find yourself missing your comfortable bed at home? Not only is the mattress different, but your bedding is also. The highlight of some days can be when you climb into bed. Since a good chunk of your life is spent in bed, you definitely want to have the right bedding. There are many factors in deciding what bedding is right for you.

First, you need to think about what kind of fabric you want to have. You want to choose a fabric that is both comfortable and feels great against your skin. You may also want a fabric that is easy to clean also. Bedding can be found in a variety of materials like flannel, satin, cotton, silk, and bamboo. Many people try to get the softest sheets that are out there. Typically, the higher the thread count, the softer the sheets are. However, bamboo sheets do not have a thread count yet is a fabric that is as soft as the highest thread count cotton sheets you will find.

Next, choose what colors you want to have around you. The color red can actually make your heart beat faster, so it's a color you may not want to have in your bedroom. You also need to make sure that your bedding does not clash with the rest of your bedroom. You want a harmonious room – not one that will keep you awake for hours. Keep in mind what patterns you have also chosen for your room also. If you already have a lot of patterns already, a solid color duvet or comforter may be a better choice than adding another pattern to an already busy room.

Size is very important. For example, if you have a pillow top mattress, you will have to buy sheets with defect pockets. Otherwise, you will spend your night fixing the sheets instead of sleeping! This also goes for bedding that is too big for your bed too. Most mattress come in these measurements:

· Twin- 39 "x76"

· Twin Extra long 39 "x80"

· Full Size- 54 "x75"

· Queen-60 "x80"

· King- 78 "x80"

· California King- 72 "x84"

· Standard Depth- 7 "-9"

· Deep Mattress- 10 "-15"

· Extra Deep mattress- 15 "x22"

Each package should provide the exact measurements of the bedding. Make sure that you measure your mattress before you shop, so you know exactly what size you need.

Next, budget is another factor that has to be taken into consideration. Before you start shopping, you need to set your limit of what you want to spend. Since your bedding can determine how well and / or comfortably you sleep, you do not want to buy the cheapest bedding set out there. You also do not want to break the bank by buying a bedding set that you can not afford either.

Lastly, your own personal needs also play a huge role in what kind of bedding …

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Types Of Hiking Boots And Hiking Shoes

There are many types of hiking boots and hiking shoes, and the choice can be bewildering. While there are some kinds of hiking footwear that will not fit neatly into any category, I will discuss hiking footwear in terms of four categories, based on the general kind of hiking for which they work best.

1. Hiking shoes and sandals. For short walks in the outdoors, for knocking around in camp, and for easy interludes in an otherwise serious hike.

2. Day-hiking boots. For moderate hiking, such as day hikes or short hikes in rough country.

3. Backpacking boots. For multi-day backpacking trips.

4. Mountaineering boots. For the most serious hiking, mountain climbing, and ice climbing.

As you move up the scale of categories, you also move up in price. That means you have to give more serious thought and do more careful shopping the higher up the scale you look. But before you begin your serious shopping, get a handle on what types of hiking boots are available so you will be sure you are looking for the right kind.

Don’t be scared off by the prices, and don’t make the mistake of assuming that you don’t need special-purpose hiking boots. You probably don’t need $200 mountaineering boots, but that doesn’t mean you should try a twelve-mile day hike in your tennis shoes, either. In this article, you will learn how to decide which general type of hiking boots are right for what you want to do. Then you’ll be prepared to look deeper into exactly what you need.

Hiking Shoes and Sandals

Hiking shoes can be multi-purpose footwear. If you are new to hiking, and planning only short hikes on well-maintained trails, you might already have suitable footwear. Cross trainers or any reasonably sturdy sneaker may be suitable for light hiking.

Shoes expressly designed for trail running and light hiking typically rise a little higher than conventional sneakers, and they usually have a “scree collar” (a collar of padding around the ankle to keep pebbles out). They are usually not waterproof, though they may be somewhat “water resistant,” and the tread is not very aggressive.

Hiking shoes are suitable for short hikes on reasonably dry, reasonably smooth trails where you will not be carrying much weight. If you will be crossing streams, climbing steep slopes, walking on snow and ice, or carrying more than about twenty pounds of gear, you should probably look into day-hiking boots or backpacking boots.

Hiking sandals are a special class of hiking footwear. When you consider the four main purposes of hiking shoes – warmth, protection, traction, and keeping dry – sandals might seem like a joke. But think again.

Obviously, you’re not hiking in winter in hiking sandals, so keeping your feet warm is just not a consideration that hiking sandals address. Sandals do protect the soles of your feet from rough surfaces and sharp objects, but they can’t protect the sides of your feet from rocks and brush. They also provide good …

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Some Best Romantic Birthday Ideas For Him

Whatever your relationship with your boyfriend is a new one or going on since years, he describes amazing birthday gifts from his girl at every birthday. Well thought of gifts are the best way to express your affection, love and care for your boyfriend, or even anyone on the occasion of a birthday. Men are usually not as emotively expressive as women; however, when they are extremely happy and overwhelmed they express their love by showering kisses and hugs on their lady love. Therefore, look out for such birthday gift items that will get you lots of affection, kisses and hugs from your boyfriend! Following are some great and even romantic birthday gift ideas for the special man in your life on the occasion of his birthday:

1. Romantic Gifts

Be creative and let your thoughts run wild (ahem! Ahem! Not that wild!) While coming up with romantic birthday gifts for your boyfriend. Plan a romantic day for him. Does he surprise you with flowers on romantic days, then why do not you start his special by delivering him a dozen red roses early in the morning with a love note? What can be a more romantic start of a special day? This gift will make him remember you for lifetime as the only girlfriend who gave him roses early in the morning on his birthday!

Now, next effort involves cooking! So brace up your culinary skills girl! Surprise him by cooking him his favorite dish. You can either do this at his place, or better still invite him over to your place. This way you will also be to decorate your pad for him. Along with a sumptuous lunch or dinner, also bake him a birthday cake! You can either plan a quiet and romantic candle light dinner for you two, or invite his friends over and throw him a surprise birthday party! If your guy is going to office on his birthday too, then keep showering him with love notes through the day! Or keep sending him flowers (preferably red roses) at every hour of the day. Make his day special by sending him different gifts at different times of the day, like one romantic gift each for morning, noon and night. Be creative and think of some amusing and romantic gifts that will remind him of you. You can gift him expensive pens, personalized cuff links, pen-drives, etc.

2. Gifts that he Desires

Think of something he expressed to possess the last time you guys went shopping. It could have some particular gadget, fashion accessory, an expensive perfume, latest music player, or anything else. If that something is way too expensive then another option would be to let him have the feeling of owning that item for a day! For instance, if he is a car enthusiast, then rent his favorite sports car or luxury car for the special day and let him drive through the city on his birthday.

The above mentioned gift ideas will surely …

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Your ADHD Princess Self and Shopping

First, here’s the Sorry Excuse for a Sales Rep, sales rep:

With nothing more than a glance shot over the computer screen in front of him, this clown answered my inquiries with 1 or 2 word sentences. It seemed to me he wasn’t going to make much effort at all. So, I walked out. I’m sure you’ve got plenty of your own versions of “The Sorry Excuse”. Get a sales person like this? Leave. Immediately! There is absolutely no reason to tolerate behavior like that. And, there’s no reason to stay and let you anxiety level jump trying to get what you want.

Across the street were two different reps. Rep one:

I walked in and was “greeted” by a woman who spoke to me without bothering to look up. This didn’t seem much more promising. And, this particular service was, I learned, the only provider that picked up a signal out in the country where I live. Ah, I realized I’d forgotten my reading glasses. So, I went to the local Walgreen’s and picked up a new pair. The action here, leave and come back to a different sales person.

Third times a charm right? It was in this case.

Adrian was the person to greet me. I walked in and was greeted with a smile, eye contact and a, “How can I help you?” The service plans are complicated. I know it’s not just me. When I didn’t catch something he said, and asked him to say it again slowly, he did exactly that. He didn’t blink, he said, absolutely or you bet. And, he repeated word for word exactly what he’d just said. Next, he handed me a brochure with general information. And, as he explained the plan that seemed to fit what I needed, he circled the key points as he talked about them. Again, repeating, word for word, statements he’d made that I asked him to repeat! I didn’t need to explain to him that I have (ADHD related) short term memory problems. I didn’t need to explain that visuals really helped me understand. He listened well and when I said I wanted to think about the purchase, he gave me the information I needed and happily sent me on my way.

Here is what I’m taking away from this shopping event.

  • It’s possible to have a pleasant experience shopping.
  • If I don’t like the experience I’m having I can end it.
  • I can come back later and get someone else.
  • I am perfectly clear about the kind of experience I want
  • If I don’t understand, I can ask for the information I need
  • If I don’t get the information I need, I can determine how likely it is to get it from the person I’m working with and try again or end the conversation and try again with someone else.

If these thoughts resonate with you, keep them in mind while you’re out and about this busy (sometimes crazy) time of year. Go a …

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Valentine's Day Gifts For Kids – Sharing the Love

Valentine's Day is not just a day for lovers. You can spend time with your kids or get them gifts on this special day. This is a holiday that is now celebrated to show others that you care about them. Some ideas on Valentine's Day gifts for kids include the following:

  • A Family Dinner Out. There are theme restaurants that cater to children as well as pizza places where there are games to play. Depending on the age, you could go to places like Chuck E. Cheese or Dave & Busters. Even taking the kids to the local hamburger joint can be a treat if it's not something you do normally. Kids love to eat out and if there's a game room or activities involved, that's even more special for them.
  • Hand-Made Coupons. Give your kids a bunch of coupons that you make yourself on the computer. Coupons for skipping a bath one night (which most little kids will love) or saying up a half hour later – all of these are easy to make on the computer and can make great Valentine's gifts for kids. Who knows? You might even be able to stretch this even further and make it a year-round option to reinvent good behavior!
  • A Basket of Goodies. You can get small baskets at craft or discount stores and fill them with all sorts of little inexpensive trips to show your children how much you love them. Most of the stores have little novelties for children that can be incorporated into their baskets.

Older children, such as teenagers and pre-teens may want to put away childish things and get something a little more grown up. Here are some good Valentine's Day gifts for kids who are a bit older:

  • Gifts for Girls. Young girls, especially in the tween set, love the magazines that show their favorite teen idols on the cover. These magazines can usually be picked up cheaply and will be guaranteed to thrill the tween on your list. Girls at this age are gravitating towards make-up and jewelry, so if you're a game, a small starter set of quality make-up or a nice piece of jewelry such as a bracelet would thrill any young lady.
  • Gifts for Boys. Young boys will enjoy comic books or action figures based on their favorite characters. Young boys still enjoy reading about superheroes and reading comic books. You can go to your local comic book store and get your young boy a bunch of comic books rather cheaply. To really juice up the gift, a matching action figure would make any boy's day.
  • A Shopping Spree at the Mall. This can be for both young men and women who are teenagers. If you try to buy them clothing, they may not like it and the same goes for music. You can also get them gift certificates for Best Buy and other electronics stores where they can get all of the latest music and DVDs. While some people balk
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Shopping Around The World And The World Wide Web

Everybody loves to shop! Shopping is a major recreational activity. It is all too human to become absorbed in the details of selection, purchase, and display behavior. When you shop, you buy things, when you need to buy things, you head off to the market. You can find everything in the market!

A market is where you buy and sell stuff. You buy and sell things in a market putting into consideration the things you need and the things you want. You buy and sell stuff at a certain price.

The prices of the goods may fluctuate depending on the time of the year. The market for roses increases during Valentine's. You can get Christmas cards and Christmas trees and all things Christmas-y at half the price after the Yuletide season.

Marketplaces and street markets. A marketplace is a physical location where goods and services are replaced. A mall is a market.

Bloomingdale's is a market. Sephora is a market. From your high-end mall to your salvation army, all these are markets.

The traditional marketplace is a city square where traders set up stalls and buyers browse the merchandise. This kind of market is very old, and countless such markets are still in operation around the whole world.

In the US, such markets fell. But the renewed interest in local food has caused the reinvention of this type of market, called farmers' markets in many towns and cities.

In continental Europe, especially in France, street markets, as well as "marketplaces" (covered places where merchants have stalls, but not entire stores) are common. Both resellers and producers sell their stuff to the public.

Markets are often temporary, with stalls only present for two days a week ("market days"), however some (such as Camden Market in London, UK) are open every day of the week.

Such markets are normally specialist-the various stalls of Camden Market, along with the shops associated with it, sell a variety of alternative lifestyle products ranging from clothes and jewelry to CDs, instruments and furniture.

An example of a large market is Chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok. It covers over 35 acres and contains upwards of 15000 stalls. It is estimated that the market receives between 200,000 and 300,000 visitors each day.

Most stalls are only open on Saturdays and Sundays. The market offers a wide variety of products including household items, clothing, Thai handicrafts, religious artifacts, collectibles, foods, and live animals.

But now that we have the Internet and the World Wide Web, the market is right at your finger tips! It makes everything so much more easy, buying and selling a thousand and one items can be done at home. The e-Bay web site is considered a market. is the major auction service on the Web. eBay popularized the concept of buying and selling online, and both individuals and commercial enterprises list items for sale.

Everything there is for free (at least the posting, browsing and bidding of items) If an item is purchased, the …

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