Nike Shoes – Creating Thuds in the World of Fashion

Year 1987 saw the launch of a new line of Nike Shoe. This new line of shoes that shook the world with its innovatively advance air sole technology was Nike Air Max. Since its introduction lot many changes have been done to the original model.

The campaign started with the punch line: A little less hurt. The campaign made a strong appeal in the minds of the people with using athletes in the promotional campaigns.

Most of the shoe models use a cushioned heel at the bottom that is observable from the side.

Major types of cushions used were as follows –

Air Max2

Tube Air

Zoomed Air

Tuned Air

Year 1985 saw the launch of Dunk as the shoe for the basketball players. They named it Nike Dunk SB. They initially targeted only the basketball players. Even the technology embedded was so as to support the sporty features of the shoe. In the year 1998, the dunk range of shoes was re launched as a fashion icon amongst the youth. In comparison to the Nike’s original shoes, the Dunk range of Nike was basically launched as a lower profile shoe. But the sole was lighter than the parent shoe. To popularize the Dunk range, Nike even launched a program called “College Colors” Programs.

The Dunk range was further expanded to Nike Dunks High, Nike Dunks Low and Nike Dunks Mid. The Nike Dunk Highs are a mouthful to say and certainly eyeful to look at. In comparison to Dunk High Shoe line the Nike Dunks Low and The Nike Dunks Mid range shoe have a street style but certainly with high performance quality. As a real treat to women, Nike introduced an exclusive collection of shoes which looked absolutely sporty, trendy and inspiring. If you are a fashion lover and desire to be with ultra look, then Nike shoes can stand up to your expectations. The designs look inspiring, yet they come with feasible rates where everyone can sizzle with dashing look.

Air Jordans –

Air Jordan is also called “The Best Shoe Ever” or “MJs”. This line of shoes were designed especially or Michael Jordan and was named after him. Michael Jordan being a professional Player for Basketball, his name was certainly the best brand endorsement. Even after Michael Jordan have retired from the game but still this shoe in his name is very much popular. Now Michael Jordan is sold under the Jordan brand. So, it is jokingly said that Jordan Brand has renowned a basketball player. The signature shoe model, a variant, of the same has also been launched recently.

Women’s Air Jordans: On the first time launch of Air Jordan’s Women collection, Nike promised to deliver the same quality and commitment to this range that it had shown previously in men shoe line. The Women air Jordan shoes were surely no exception to that. As much as the male fans the female fans were enthusiastic about owing Jordan Air shoes. The Women’s Air Jordans comes …

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The Best and Worst Wedding Dates of the Year

The wedding date you select can have a larger impact than you may realize on the event. Certain dates may mean a poor turn-out or higher prices, while other dates can mean that everyone shows up ready for a great party. Check out the best and worst wedding dates of the year before you set the date for your nuptials.

Certain wedding dates are almost completely off-limits. Those include Christmas day, Thanksgiving, and Easter Sunday. Hold your wedding on any of those days, and you may well find that you and your groom are the only ones in attendance! If a holiday weekend is the only time that your whole family will be in one place, you might have to consider scheduling your nuptials within a couple of days of those taboo dates; just be aware that many people on your guest list will be unable to attend. The chances are that they will be spending those precious holidays with their own close family members, and even those who could come come decide not to when they see how much airline tickets cost over Thanksgiving weekend!

There is another holiday, however, that people think is so romantic for weddings, which in fact can have some serious drawbacks. That would be Valentine's Day. What is wrong with a Valentine's Day wedding? For one thing, the flower prices can soar around February 14th, particularly for roses. You will also find it more difficult to get dinner reservations on your anniversary for the rest of your lives together. Moreover, many couples prefer to celebrate Valentine's Day having a romantic dinner for two, not attending a wedding. Last but not least, having a wedding on Valentine's is a lot of pressure to come up with the most romantic wedding ever.

The next worst possible wedding date is Superbowl Sunday. About half the men on the guest list will flat out refusal to attend, and the other half will be resentful about having been dragged to your wedding while the big game is on. A lot of the women will feel the same way! When you walk down the aisle, all eyes should be upon you in your fabulous dress and wedding jewelry, but if you wed during the Superbowl, most of the guests will be checking out the game score on their mobile devices. Almost as bad is hosting a wedding during an NFL playoff game; just do not do it!

Some dates are really fun for weddings. If you really want to ensure a great party atmosphere for your reception, host it on New Year 'Eve. That is one day of the year when everyone is in the mood to celebrate and have fun. You will also find that guests are especially eager to wear their most fabulous outfits and festive wedding jewelry on New Year's Eve. It would be the perfect date for a black tie wedding.

Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends can also be ideal wedding dates. The majority of …

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Women Being Men

As a life coach, the # 1 problem I see women make in relationships is: WOMEN BEING MEN.

Are you dragging your man around?

I was out to dinner one night with my girlfriend, Tammy. As we were leaving the restaurant, she casually mentioned, "I'm dragging Steve to see The Way of the Peaceful Warrior with me tomorrow night."

It appeared she was using her masculinity to initiate, organize and "drag" her boyfriend to the movie. My Queen instinct felt an imbalance.

We women spend an intense amount of our time DOING, which is using masculine energy. We are so highly involved in the masculine activities of working, accomplishing, money making, providing, protecting, problem solving, etc., that we get used to surviving and even succeeding in the masculine mode. Our masculine abilities serve us well at work or with young kids, not in romance.

We are taught to revere, trust and even idolize the masculine, action-oriented way of doing life. The result is, we have gotten out of practice at being feminine, and we have also lost our faith in its power and purpose.
The truth is …

Men are great at being Kings all on their own. A King is not attracted to his Queen's masculine side.

So when a woman is masculine with her man (initiating / directing / conquering) OR if she plays mommy with her man (providing / protecting him like he's a child) a man has 2 options:

1) to have like he is in competition with another man or

2) to be weakened like a little boy or

Back to the story …

Well sure enough, I got a call at 6:30 pm on Friday from Tammy, inviting ME to see the movie with her.

I asked, "What had happened to your boyfriend?" She shared a variety of unpleasant exchanges that occurred between them … everything from him saying he could not go "because he had to work late," to "maybe he could", "okay, hurry up and get ready and let's go. "

After the passive-aggressive rollercoaster ride, her joy was completely lost in sharing the movie experience with him. (Not to mention the irony that the movie was called, The Peaceful Warrior!)

When a woman is masculine with her man, she can expect him to be competitive or resentful. The results that occur are that men will ever look elsewhere or give up and shut down emotionally.

A man will resent the woman who he thinks disempowered him. He typically can demonstrate this with his anger or withholding himself from his woman or domineering over her. We see Tammy's boyfriend did all of the above.

# 1 Answer for a Woman's Success in Romance:

When you want to have chemistry with a man, DO NOT BE A MAN!

Our role as Queens is to be a powerful, feminine, confident and a successful counterpart to our King (or the King you're wanting to attract!) Femininity includes being insightful, creative, spiritual, intuitive, receptive, non-linear .. …

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Women's Love For Chanel Handbags

Chanel is one of the most famous and renovated fashion homes, offering its wide range of products, all over the world. Among all the fashion related accessories and items, Chanel handbags are the most demanding and popular ones. Women have always been in love with handbags, as these are the most important accessories, which help in making a woman look stylish and impressive. With a stylish and matching handbag with your outfit, you are all set to leave your home, whether you are going on work or are going to attend a formal or informal occasion; your handbag will help you in gaining the attention of the people, towards you.

The trend of handbags has never been out from the fashion scene and if you will see the closets or wardrobes of fashion freak women, then you will come to know the importance of them in your living standard. Nothing can be better than carry a handbag. The style, design, quality and fabric of a Chanel handbag will make it the most stylish and trendy bag for you. The purses of Chanel have been adding style, glamor and glamor in the lives of women, since many years and now this brand has attained respect in the hearts of women, for they know that Chanel handbags can fulfill their fashion needs.

Chanel handbags are available in wide range and variety. It means that they are suitable to the personalities of women, belonging to different walks of life. This brand designs purses for working ladies, housewives and for socialites' women as well. It means that there are no boundaries in the designs of Chanel handbags. You can easily pick a bag for yourself, from the stores of Chanel.

You can pick clutches, tote bags, flap bags, hobo bags and a variety of other kinds of bags, from Chanel outlets. This brand gives you an open choice of selection. Although the price of a Chanel handbag touches they sky, but still the demand of these bags has been increasing, for the style and design of these purses are enough to justify their high prices. Once you will purchase one from Chanel, you will come to know, what kind of difference this handbag will bring in your personality. If you are in love with these bags, then you can easily purchase them from Chanel outlet or from a store, which is selling all the branded items. You can also place an order for your most loved Chanel handbag, over internet. …

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Kick Your Wardrobe Up a Notch by Shopping Online

Thankfully, spring is just around the corner, which means finally shedding those bulky winter clothes. Off with your parkas, scarves, snow boots and mitts. It's time to get ready for the nice weather by toning up your body and going through your closet in search of something to wear.

So throw open your closet and dresser drawers and do inventory. Set aside an afternoon and get down to business. Remember the sage advice you've heard a million times. If you have not worn an item in a year, then get rid of it. Even if it still fits, get rid of it. Fill a bag and donate your excess pieces to the local thrift store.

Most people have lots of casual clothes such as jeans and hoodies. What you need to concentrate on is your working wardrobe. Try to co-cordinate pieces into outfits that you can wear to work. Once you've accomplished that task, you'll probably discover that you only have enough for two, maybe three days.

In order to make it through the whole week, you'll have to go shopping. Maybe the lure of the mall appeals to you, but who has time to spend hours trudging around. First you'll have to research the trends, compare prices at various shops, and then finally make your choice.

With work, and the kids, and social priorities, who has time for this? Why not research, compare, and buy online? There is no end to the sites that can enlighten you as to what's hot and what's not. So get ready to do your fashion homework.

When you've figured out what pieces you need, there are lots of sites that sell wholesale women's tops, wholesale women's bottoms, two piece suits, and urban wear. You'll also find designer clothing at great prices.

Some of the trends this season include the very popular white shirt, teamed with dark trousers, or a pencil slim skirt. This look has been around for a long time, so you can not go wrong. Add some funky shoes, a fashionable bag, and fun earrings, and you're set to go.

Another neat look is the structured dress, in lengths that come just to the knee. Pick a style that makes the most of your best features. Cap sleeves will show off your toned arms, and belted dresses will showcase your tiny waist.

As always, blazers and jackets are great to round out the working girls wardrobe. This season they come in a variety of colors, ranging from neutrals to brights. Choose a structured style, or go with a soft and belted look. Either style will be just right to stop the chill of an air conditioned office, or the cool evening air.

With well known names as Armani, Chanel, Liz Claiborne and Abercrombie & Fitch to choose from, you're sure to find what you are looking for. There are online shops that cater to your desire for bling as well. Earrings, wallets, purses, and shoes are all there for your shopping …

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Tungsten Rings For Holiday Gifts

With the Holiday season quickly approaching, many companies are beginning to restock their popular items to ensure there will be no customers receiving the out of stock notice. Most of these companies consist of electronic, toy and clothing retailers however jewelry retailers are also a popular seasonal item. Along with the approaching holidays also comes the harsh fact that the economy and retail sales are down in comparison to different years making retailers keep low prices to ensure an affordable sale. With Platinum, glad and diamond prices being at an all-time high regardless of the economy many couples, married and not, purchasing alternative metals as their fashion pieces. Out of these alternative metals Tungsten Carbide makes a wide choice for those that want a durable metal while having a wide variety of ring style to choose from. With Christmas being a time to purchase something for someone who would not normally purchase a ring themselves, a unique ring style is usually the way to go. A few fashionable categories below will briefly describe what a customer can find this holiday season.

Tungsten Ring Wood Inlays: Tungsten wedding rings with redwood inlays are a unique fashion piece where a genuine wood inlay circles the ring. The wood is protected with a liquid crystal and is completely flush with the ring. Wood inlays can be found on both a flat a dome shaped ring and as always purchase with a comfort fit.

Tungsten Carbide with Genuine Shell Inlays: Shell Inlay tungsten rings are a beautiful eye-catching ring with a colorful shell circling the ring. The genuine shells can come in a multitude of colors ranging from white to black, most commonly found in shades consisting of blues and greens. The shell inlay is ideal for both men and women and can be commonly found in widths ranging from 5mm to 11mm.

Tungsten Celtic Wedding Bands: Celtic tungsten rings, always a popular choice, for both men and women, come in endless design possibilities. From the classic Claddagh ring to Celtic knot work rings, many styles will exist in affordable prices. Many people choose Celtic for the symbolic reference the rings represent.

Black Tungsten Rings: Black tungsten ring is a unique ring that is commonly worn for fashion purposes. The black coloring is a plating on top of a tungsten ring that if worn daily can slowly wear down or scratch. Many people like black tungsten due to the jet black color with a high gloss appearance. Black tungsten can come in many different design possibilities.

Whichever style a customer decides to choose, tungsten carbide will prove to be the right choice for both men and women. Remember to ship with confidence online and look for the secure seal of approval on websites. …

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How to Quit the 'Let's Just Be Friends' Zone

We all probably have been there before … You meet a girl, and think she's just another attractive woman .. But then, the more you get to know her, the more you start feeling attracted to her. A deep emotional attachment starts building up for her. You do not know, however, if the girl feels the same towards you. Sometimes she could say things like "You are very important to me", but you could never tell if she actually saw you as more than just friends. Because of that, you always felt insecure of 'screwing things up' by kissing her or asking to be her boyfriend.

So one day you decide to take a blind move, and you tell her how you feel. She looks at you with compassion and says "Thank you, that's very sweet. But I do not want to mess our friendship. to avoid you.

Sad story huh? Well … it used to happen to me too, but I learned how to stop it. Girls do not go for the men who do everything they want, buy them gifts, expensive dinners, etc … They want a REAL man who is secure of himself and who does not a woman's approval. Women know from the beginning you are interested in them. That's no secret to them. If you pull the trigger when it does not feel any attraction towards you, it will try to reject you at all costs. The most important thing you must understand is that you can not make a woman feel attractive towards you by being nice to her.

Now let's try to find a solution for the problem:

If you are already in this 'let's just be friends' situation with a particular girl, your best bet is to show you got some self-respect and stop doing all she tells you to. Start dating another women, make her see that you are busy and that you have other things in your life. Do not call her 3 times a day any more. Surprisingly, going out with other girls will actually make her want you desperately. Try it, I guarantee it will work.

However, it would be a lot better if you could just never enter the dreaded zone. All women you meet from now on, act in a way that would make her feel attracted to you, stop acting the nice guy who will always turn into a friend. Start acting like a real man, use the cocky + funny technique Deangelo teachers, be unpredictable. Women love that. …

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Reviving Beauty Forever – Physical Beauty or the Inner Virtue

Beauty of a woman

Beauty has always been a prime concern in all the ages. From the prehistoric period to the Egyptian civilization, the renaissance period and the present century, beauty has always been rewarded and taken care of. When we talk about beauty it is always ‘women’ whom we relate it to. Nature has provided every woman with a significant charm. It lies beneath her expressive face, her beam smile, eloquent eyes, long hair and poise walk. There are different perceptions and myths followed by beauty.

Is beauty synonym to the physical appearance or the beauty of an inner heart?

The judgement of beauty differs in the thinking of the person. Most of the people are inclined towards the external appearance of a woman and scale them according to their physical looks. Thus, the inner beauty remains confined to the pages of a book or been glorified by an author or a poet. On the contrary, Inner beauty remains with us for a lifetime. It helps us to be a respectable person in the society with our good deeds. If a person is good-looking, smart and well educated but is arrogant and proud, he is not liked by the people. The society does not cares for such a person. But one cannot deny the fact that physical beauty acknowledges the person you are. When you meet a person for the first time, you will acknowledge his/her physical beauty prior to his inner goodness. His/her style of dressing, the way he walks, his well maintained physique draws the attention thereby leaving an impression. People forget to realize that the outer beauty is temporary and volatile. Lot have been done to enhance the outer beauty by means of temporary camouflage creams, ointments, treatment centers and beauty enhancement surgeries. But the truth is even after using innumerable artificial methods to sustain the external beauty, its life is small.

So, how do we create the inner beauty within ourselves?

It is never too late to understand that under the layers of colors, hues and tricky process to convert an ordinary face to an extraordinary one, it remains just a painting canvas without any soul. If you want to highlight the make-up, not the one on your body but the soul, the first magic ingredient is:

  • Joy: Do not look out for things which is not with you, but instead make yourself happy with the beautiful things you possess.
  • Be Confident: See yourself as an independent, strong and optimist person and others will also see you the same way.
  • Eat healthy: Start by forming a healthy habit to eat fresh and hygiene food. It helps to focus on the work and keep us active throughout the day.
  • Meditation and yoga: Working out and doing yoga help us to remain healthy both physically and mentally.
  • Love yourself: Take pride in yourself. Never think you are inferior to others. Always keep the temperament high.

To summarize, there is no harm in looking beautiful through the aids …

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How to Be Confident Flirt Around Women

This article is all about how to make a great first impression, being a confident flirt around women at all times.

You meet a girl that you REALLY like.

In fact, you like her SO much that you're WORRIED about making a great first impression.

And to * guarantee * that she'll like you back, you worry about being on your best behavior when you're around her.

Now I hate to tell you this. If the above scenario sounds like you then you're probably "dropping the ball" with the women you meet.

Here's why …

When you worry about your first impression, you're not acting like an interesting guy who playfully flirts with women. As you know, flirting creates sexual attraction. This is especially true when you meet a girl for the FIRST time.

If you do not flirt, then a girl will not feel those fluttery sparks of interest. Many guys "drop the ball" with women because they have the 'I just met her' mindset.

The 'I just met her mindset' is a DANGEROUS attitude to have.

When you think this way, you say to yourself:

* "I can not tease her because we JUST MET."

* "I should not touch her because we JUST MET."

* "I have to act formal because we JUST MET."

* "I should ask * safe * questions because we JUST MET."

This mindset ruins ANY chance of attraction because you're not behaving like a fun, interesting guy. Instead you're doing like the predictable guys who bore the HELL out of women.

The undeniable truth is this. Flirting can be done in ANY context, EVEN if you just met her:

In fact, the MOST important time to flirt is when you've just met a girl.

This makes you seem like the potential lover, not a friend.

Her entire opinion of you will be based on what you DO during the first few minutes of a conversation. So if you're not flirting, then you're killing your chances of attracting her!

Now you might worry about the RISK that's involved when you open flirt with a woman. Perhaps you feel like you'll lose "what you have" by openly showing your interest for her. Maybe you even feel that teasing and bantering will piss her off and ruin ANY chance of "getting her."

Well if that's the case, then you should adopt the following mindset …

When you meet a woman, use your flirting as a screening process.

In essence, you flirt as a way to "test the waters" and see how she reacts.

If you find that she gets pissy or starts talking about her boyfriend, then you ALREADY have enough about this potential relationship. You know that it probably will not work out with this girl, so you can save yourself a lot of effort by moving on to someone who's more receptive to your flirting.

However if she teases you or flirts back, then you know that this girl could be someone you …

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Signals Women Use

You have been talking with the lady of your dreams and it is time you find out if things will work as you are thinking. This is very vital because this time and process is very involving and you sure will not want to put in all you have just to miss out, so it is just important you know if are working the right or wrong field.

Women are very sensitive and they do a lot to give you a word or signal these times. So you need to be mindful of all the signs that might possibly come out at this stage especially the body language. And this will give you the right clue at this moment.

1. There is something special that happens with the eye and this is very effective. You need to somehow monitor her eye and it can give a wonderful signal. If she steals glances of you more of the time, then that is good signal and she might probably be getting a positive message to you.

When a lady gives you a good number of eye contact, the probability is that she finds you appealing and this is exactly the message to edge you on and forward. On the other hand if she hardly looks your way and does not really care to notice you. Then you can also be well informed. This is certainly a no go area and you need to know what to do.

2. Another area that can give you a neat responses is the way and manner she carries herself in your presence. If she feels nervy around you and does not wish to do anything with you, this will not be too good. But if she is willing to engage you but feels shy and nervy, then that is a perfect sign of likeness.

3. One area to consider is her attitude towards you, is one that shows she wants to distance herself, or eager to have you around? If she shows signs of needing your presence, then she may be interested in you and might want to know more about you. Other than that she is not.

4. The smiles are good signs as well and a particular one is sure deal and must edge you on. Not all smiles might give a positive indicator but one that comes with tilting of the head will not disappoint you.

Touch is a very sensitive and can pave the way for a lot of things. Watch out to see if is willing to have physical contact with you. If she is not worried to touch you during a conversation or when you are doing something together, then this is a sign of agreement and she might probably be telling you how she is willing to touch and be touched. …

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