Champagne Gift Baskets – A Taste of the Bubbly

If you are sending a gift basket for a significant celebration of some sort then it needs to be a champagne gift basket. Nothing is more perfect for a celebration, whether it is a wedding, anniversary, retirement or birthday celebration.

Do you know who Dom Perignon is and why his name is associated with superb champagne? I'll tell you in a little bit.

We all love champagne because of its effervescent bubbles. The bubbles are created in spite of the wine is fermented twice. Once before it is bottled, just like regular wine, and then once in the bottle. A little yeast and some sugar are added to cause the carbonation and the bubbles. Tall, narrow champagne flutes are designed to enhance the bubbling and the flavor.

Technically in order to be called champagne the wine needs to come from the Champagne area in France. Similar bubbling wines from other places are called sparkling wine. Here in the United States, Oregon, Washington and the Napa valley produce distinct sparkling wines.

A basket that has champagne in it describes to be accompanied by top quality gourmet foods, cheeses, and even chocolate.

You may want to think of a "toast" to include in the basket. Here is one for free:

"When wine enlivens the heart, may friendship surround the table"

And by the way, Dom Perignon was a French monk who made several advances in the producing of champagne. Including the wire collar that is used to keep the cork in the bottle. And that is why the person who receives your gift of champagne will get to pop the cork and enjoy all the bubbles.