Chihuahua Clothes and Small Pet Carriers- Dog Fashion to Make You Look Good

Many models that walk the runways of New York City fashion shows may never have expected to be modeling things like Chihuahua clothes and small pet carriers, but with the huge surge in canine fashion over the past several years, that's just what they're doing. What this means to the average pet owner is that you can now coordinate your outfit with your dog's. There are actually dog ​​clothes that will make you look good rather than just your furry baby! Of course, this can be overdone or look plain silly if the wrong styles and colors are chosen, so if you're going to take your canine baby out on a walk and the two of you will be twinsies, carefully plan what designs to use . Chihuahuas are great at wearing clothes since Paris Hilton and Tinkerbell made Chihuahua fashion chic. Dog carriers look more like regular, fashionable purses than every before. With the right planning, you can look good while out on the town with your pooch.

Color coordination is a big part of looking good with your dog and their clothes. For example, if they have a green turtleneck sweater on, you can have one on, too, but make sure it's in a similar shade. If your chi has a dark forest green, you do not want to be wearing a lime green color. This same idea applies to what carrier you choose to carry your little doggie in, too. Shop for a dog carrier as you would for a purse. Find one that integrates many of your outfits, which means getting one that is a basic, earth tone. You can get one in just about any material, from cotton cloth to leather, so it can match any style or budget.