Chinese Wedding Bedside Lamps

According to Chinese Wedding custom, a pair of Chinese candles have to be placed by the newly-wed bed.

The candles symbolize a long, enlightened life for the couple.

The candles can be replaced with bedside lamps. As time changes, such lamps have been replaced with battery-operated lamps with modernized motifs, scented candles and even votive lamps.

Personally, I feel such Chinese beliefs of having physical items to bring blessings to the marriage life can only means as much what it meant.

Meaning that, if newly-wed couples want a long, enlightened life for themselves, they have to work hard, no less than how much work they had placed into planning their wedding.

So how can newly-wed couples have a long, enlightened marriage life?

There are a few things you can do:

1. Both of you could take turns to join courses of their interests.

Let’s say the wife likes bakery class but the husband doesn’t. They may want to take part in the first year of their marriage. Then, they can join wushu class that the husband has interest. The cycle repeats again in the following year.

2. Weekly dating must carry on.

Set aside a day completely just the two of you. Go out to catch a movie or have a meal at your favourite restaurant. It doesn’t matter what both of you do. What matter most is do it together.

3. Take some time out of eac day to hear about each other’s day.

There is so much happening each day of our lives and we want to share with our love ones. The stories may not always end with happy endings. That is not realistic.

There will bound to be complaitn about the bosses, customers and other events that didn’t go well. Your partner may be overwhelmed with negative emotions.

What you can do is be your partner’s listening ear and giving your partner a big hug is the most powerful tool to drive the day’s blues away.