Choose The Best Wedding Anniversary Gift

We all worry about getting a wedding anniversary gift that is not quite what they wanted. Even though it's the thought that counts, a disappointing gift can cause tensions. The main reason for this is that men and women have different ideas on the definition of "romantic" and a thoughtless gifts can ruin expectations. No one is a mind-reader so drop little hints on what YOU might like and they might return the favor. But do not forget to look out for those hints!

It would be nice to have lots of money and time to put organize a special anniversary trip or night out but we do not always have that luxury. However, it is certainly worth putting some effort into it, because it will be appreciated and serves to rededicate your love for each other.

What you need to do is work out what will really please them when they receive the gift. Work that out and you're well on your way!

A good way of adding to a gift is to present it in a special way.

Yes, you can get the old favorites of flowers, chocolates or jewelry, and they will be appreciated, but why not add a love letter or a poem? You can do anything from a wholly original love poem to a variant of the old "Roses are red" to changing the words of a romantic song. As long as it's genuine and heartfelt it will make a huge difference.

A romantic evening at home without any children can add to the romance. You could go all out and have a theme or even fulfill a fantasy, just enjoying each other's company.

If you can, grab a romantic getaway, even if it's just for one night. Get a room in a nice hotel and even put candles out and spread flower petals around.

If you are giving jewelry, take the opportunity to put it in a nice box that can be used to store things on her dresser. You could also come up with interesting ways to give it to her – hiding it in her bag so she finds it at work, or have a waiter bringing it with your food.

Personalized gifts are always extra special. You can get jewelry and keepsakes personalized for a reasonable price. However, you can personalize with little things that mean a lot. Your wedding pictures, a ticket stub from your first date can be framed – if you are up to it you can make your own gift quite easily. Making your own gift basket is an obvious choice – fill it with things like like (chocolates, flowers etc.) as well as meaningful things such as photos.

All of this is to give them the best gift of all – to let them know you love them.