Choosing a Metaphor For Your Relationship – Celebrate Your Home at Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony

A metaphor is an image used to represent another thing. Metaphors differ from similes because they don’t use as or like. So you could say that your Love is a walk on the prairie, vast and constantly changing.

You want to find one good metaphor to use at your wedding ceremony. (Really, only one!) Metaphors can lodge in our psyches and remain there to encourage us. Ritual activities and metaphors that we use ceremonially will remind us for the rest of our life of how we felt when they were first employed. Every time you encounter that image it will take you back to what it felt like on the day you married. Something as simple as a metaphor can strengthen your marriage for the rest of your life. Use that metaphor in close proximity to your wedding vows to increase the impact.

  • To be most helpful, your metaphor choice should be pertinent to where you live.

If you’re starting out your life on the prairie, don’t choose the ocean as your metaphor. The prairie offers plenty of wide expanses for exploring! It offers flora and fauna that you will encounter on a regular and cyclical basis. It’s always good to have a reminder pop up yearly of the way you love one another and the reasons you married.

Do you live in a city, where life is vibrant, pulsing and exciting? Or in a forest where life is stately and slow? If so, why not choose an image from there to support your love and your loving marriage.

Think about those things that are essential in your relationship. Then look for a metaphor that speaks to that characteristic. Then, once you’ve found a way to use it in your wedding ceremony, start bringing it into your daily life. If your life is expansive as the prairie is expansive, start taking a daily walk in the prairie. Now you’re not only spending time together, you’re walking that metaphor into your heart and marriage.