Clothing to Hide January Excess Weight

She may be 65 years old, but Helen Mirren has the type of body that most 20-something ladies would envy. Her glamorous style has been the talk of the media for years, and is one which she has continued to develop, since her career began. Helen continuously turns heads with the elegant outfits she adorns on the red carpet, whether it be long, sophisticated evening dresses or short, classy dresses.

She is renowned in the film industry for being a talented actress, shown through her Oscar award, which she picked up for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth, in the film,The Queen. She has the ability to play in many different roles, giving outstanding performances, but it’s her style we are really interested in, how does she pull off such a fantastic look?

The reason why Helen is such a style icon, is that she wears her style with such ease and confidence. She is clearly, a very attractive lady, but she also has the self assurance to make the most of her look. It is sometimes difficult for older ladies to pull off shorter styles, but she does this by wearing lengths which sit at knee length or just above; avoiding the ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ look. She dresses for her age, but still manages to keep her look up to date and classic, and still manages to turn heads. Some of the styles we have seen her wearing on the red carpet, include a black long length, sleeveless gown, with bow and broach, a gorgeous gold beaded Christian Lacroix gown, and trendy metallic and floral dresses. Her style is elegant and graceful, but still manages to ooze sex appeal.

Helen has previously stated that the key to wearing a style well, is to ensure you feel completely comfortable in it. This is particularly true when attending important events, as it will instantly show to others if you do not feel at ease with your outfit. Helen has previously been named one of the sexiest woman in the world, and has even ranked ahead of supermodel Kate Moss in style polls. No mean feat for someone who is over 20 years her senior. She has also posed nude several times for films, including Calendar Girls, which shows the degree of confidence she possesses.

A photograph of Helen in a bikini, taken when she was on holiday in Italy, has become almost as famous as her films. The reason for this, was that she looked incredibly toned with not an ounce of body fat on display, and this has inspired older women to realise that you don’t need to be young to look hot! It has also raised the question around age and beauty, and whether there is really any age when you can’t still be sexy. Helen is one of those women who just seems to get more attractive, the older she gets, without the need for drastic cosmetic surgery, which some celebrities depend on. Lets all hope we age this gracefully….