Colorful and Unique Favors For Your Spring Wedding

Spring is a time of year that is harmonious with the many beautiful things that blossom during the warm season. Love is one of those exquisite things, which is why many couples feel that spring is the choice season to share theirs with friends and family. Spring weddings can be elegant, chic and polished, not to mention charming and poetic. Find out how you can make yours romantically colorful with unique favors that your guests will never forget.

If you're celebrating your love as well as your appreciation of nature, garden-themed promises can send both messages clearly to your guests. Give your guests unique and colorful thank you's like wildflower seeds, which will show them that their attending your special occasion will go a long way. Give your guests the option to plant wonderful wildflowers where they like.

Place card holders, picture frames and candles with garden motifs like butterflies, tiger lilies or roses will show friends and family that you value each others love and Springs natural wonders. Alongside the picture frames, place pink, red or purple personalized wedding cameras on each table for guests to take photos along with a florid personalized basket, or a bushel that brightly says "LOVE" on it for collection of the cameras. Later, you can process the photos and either put them in an album or send them to your guests for vivid and everlasting memories of your nature-themed wedding.

Give your sweet-toothed guests something to remember you by with trips. Personalized delicacies are in vogue during the Easter season, and will allow your friends and family to dine in style. Treat them to wedding picture cookies, a variety of candy and green tea and honey in the spirit of spring time. Guests will enjoy their favors, which can include your own personal flair with flowers and butterfly designs or your name and the date of your wedding.

Music can also display your colorful flair; honor your guests by playing for them the sounds of spring and the love you will share with your new bride or groom. Be sure to research the music that you will want to play for your wedding and play music that will be soothing and elegant. You may want to give your guests the option of lighting candles at their tables, so give them spring time colors and scents that will appeal to them, like jasmine, in holders accented with butterflies and rhinestones.

If you are planning a one of a kind spring-themed wedding, there are many options available to you and your loved one. Visit for spring wedding favors that will fit any budget.