Consider a Wedding In Costa Rica

Almost every girl has been dreaming of their perfect wedding ever since they were little girls. Many aspire of the paradise-like setting; while their wedding gowns are billowing from behind. They imagine the chirping of tropical birds which will evidently accompany the music of celebration. Others prefer the sea breeze and the bright sands in their toes. And for these reasons and so much more you should consider a beautiful wedding in Costa Rica.

Organizing a wedding in Costa Rica should be fairly smooth and easy if you thoroughly follow the legal instructions set by the government. Of course, you also have to ensure that you allot ample time for the preparation. Read on and find out the most frequently asked questions about having a wedding in Costa Rica.

First things first, you should take note that Costa Rica requires a valid passport for foreigners who are planning a wedding in Costa Rica. Getting a visa is not a prerequisite since most visitors do not require one upon entering Costa Rica. A visa is only required if you are certain countries or immigrating to the country.

Certificates or authentications are no longer necessary. The sworn statement by the bride and groom already covers the matters that need to be notarized or authenticated. Two close friends are best suited for witness duties as family relationships up to third degree (of both parties) are not allowed to bear witness.

There is no minimum period of stay or records of permanent residence required for a couple to get married in Costa Rica. If you have been previously divorced, details such as the place, date, name of court which decreed the divorce and full name of ex-spouse should be indicated in the sworn statement.

A marriage certificate in Costa Rica many times takes three months to process and it will arrive via FedEx. If you are in a hurry you can use the rush processing option. Normally this means documentation will be ready in 10-12 business days for an additional fee. There may be additional requirements for your marriage to legal in your country of origin. The documents should be translated, authenticated by the Consulate of the couple's country of residence. It would also be wise to have it registered with the county. Town or local government where you live. The bottom line is that once you are married in Costa Rica, you are deemed married in any part of the world.

The following information is required by most legal services in Costa Rica. They will help the bride and groom fulfill the legalities of their marriage:

· Full name, including the first, middle, and last. Initials are not honored.

· Description of occupation or profession.

· Current home address and permanent address.

· Passport containing the signature of the bearer, number and nationality.

· Full name of parents and current citizenship. Again, no initials and full maiden names are required.

· A mailing address where final documentation will be sent. PO Box addresses are not honored.

· Home and mobile phone numbers, and email addresses.

It is a good idea to bring several copies of the required documents with you.

As you can clearly see getting married in Costa Rica is a great idea. Simple requirements and documentation make getting married very easy to accomplish. In addition you will always remember the experience of getting married in a beautiful tropical paradise.