Corporate Gifting – How to Set Your Christmas or Holiday Gift Apart

One of the hardest jobs for any corporate buyer is finding the perfect corporate gift that your valued customers or clients will appreciate. Here are some tips that will make your end-of-year client gifts stand out among the many pens, diaries, calendars, paper weights that most executives would probably not care for.

The first important factor to consider is Timing . Get ahead of the competition by sending your client gifts out at the beginning of the busy holiday season. A mid-November gift that will aid recipients in managing the stress of the holiday season is both thoughtful and interactive, thus increases the chance of the gift being used. Mood Glow Color changing candles etched with your logo and a personal message encouraging recipients to keep the gift on their desks to relieve tension shows a caring corporate philosophy. Or, for the practical-minded, a tasteful box of Christmas or holiday cards enclosed with postage stamps is a unique gift for many busy executables who may simply find shopping for Christmas or holiday cards a chore.

Secondly, present these gifts in unique Packaging . Presents that are flamboyantly gift wrapped get noticed. Rather than use glossy paper bags, use velvet or mesh bags or tote. Instead of using boxed packaging use trendy tin or wooden boxes engraved with your company logo which contributions towards adding class and value to the gift. For practicality, sometimes have the wrapping paper and ribbons customized with your corporate logo which can be used all year round as part of your gifting programs.

My third tip is Personalization which adds a personal touch and makes your gift special. Personalized pop art is both a fun and trendy way of corporate gifting. Such gift can be displayed fondly on the desktop or on the wall and will sure stand out from the many personalized pens and diaries that are common corporate gifts.

Lastly, gifts that are High Quality will be appreciated and used more often. Whatever the budget, think quality not size. A smaller but high gift will outshine a larger, low quality one. The famous saying "all good things come in small packages" can certainly be applied to corporate gifting.