Dating Success With Women – Become a Hit With Women in Your Dating Life

Your dating success with women depends on how you react to letdowns that they hand you. Even the luckiest of guys gets rejected every now and then. In other words, if you want to become a hit with women, you need to learn from your experiences. There are tips about how to develop a positive attitude, which can help you become a hit with women, in this advice column.

Tip: Develop a positive attitude to become a hit with women.

If you put yourself down whenever you¡¯re rejected by women, then you will not make any progress in your dating life. However, you can develop a positive outlook on life in general, each experience can bring insight and help you become a hit with women.

I discovered an interesting thing about how men view rejection. Whenever a rebuffs some men, they use "self-talk" to criticize themselves. All too frequently, when women reject guys, they think there has to be something wrong with them. They think it's:

  • Their own personality,
  • The way they look,
  • Or whatever malady they can imagine.

If you think you are bright or stupid, you become bright or stupid. In other words, you become what you think you are. So if you want more success with women in your dating life, you need to develop a positive attitude every time you have interaction with women.

Tip: Use positive affirmations to become a hit with women.

You need to keep a positive attitude, even when you know contact with women might bring on a letdown. You can develop a positive attitude in your dating life with a simple technique, and that's to affirm positive suggestions to yourself.

It's really easy; and it could help you become a hit with women, and it might help improve your dating life. Whenever you experience experience letdowns by women, simply develop a positive, constructive attitude about it.

Ask yourself what you can learn from the situation. It might make it easier for you to become a hit with the ladies. Positive affirmations should help you benefit from bad episodes of rejection. Do it regularly and you could become a hit with women in your dating life quickly.

Tip: Increase your dating success by positive self-talk.

Here's how it works. Let's say you found a new approach to start conversations with women, and you decide to put it to the test. So you go over to the Campus Union Building and approach several groups of women one night, but they all reject you.

Some guys might look at it as a major setback. They could think that they're not appealing to women. You, on the other hand, understand the implication of affirming positive suggestions to yourself.

So you look at the situation see what benefits you got from the interactions. You do not look at it as being rejected; rather, you now realize that the icebreaker just was not effective for you.

You realize you to need to find a new way to break the ice with women. You realize that talking to several groups of women was bold, and your fear of rejection was not a factor; so your dating life should improve.

You've learned approaching more women is not all that hard, like you once thought it was. You affirm to yourself that you're a warm, friendly and well-liked individual – rather than beating-up on yourself.

You'll feel better about yourself by initiating conversation with multiple groups of women. And, you'll develop a positive attitude by making positive affirmation to yourself in all other aspects of life as well.

Positive suggestions could bring greater success in dating women. You'll find that making negative affirmations begets negative outcomes; and that making positive affirmations to yourself will not only help your dating life, but it will help you become a better MAN.

Women prefer men who have something tender about them – especially the legal kind. ~ Kay Ingram