Decorate Your Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are traditionally given to express gratitude to the guests and well-wishers. They are also meant to be a small 'remembrance' so the guests can look as to how special your wedding was.

It is ideal for every detail of the wedding to be coordinated in terms of color, theme and material. While others can be adventurous and play around with these aspects, it is important still though to make everything look coupled together. To make small items look bigger, here are some ways on how to make small wedding favors create a big impact.

For edible favors:
– For most of these favors, it is best just to use the original packaging instead of doubling it and placing it in another box or bag, which could also double your costs.
– For the sweet ones like cupcakes, you can use the candy sprinkles or small cupcake toppers as decorations. Instead of just plain old cupcakes, you can use special cupcake paper as well instead of plain / transparent ones.
– For chocolates, you can use foil wraps or small transparent plastic bags instead of boxes. They are cheaper and you can further decorate them by tying a small ribbon around it.

For practical or decorative favors:
– You can decorate these items by placing ribbons which are specifically printed with your names or your wedding details.
– For some items that have a prominent space where you can decorate, opt to put sticker labels with your wedding details. You can also place mini-card where your wedding details are printed. As there are items such as photo frames or jewelry boxes, you may have enough space to put your photos as well.

Wedding favors may sometimes get very little attention from bride, but remember that it is no less important than any other part of the wedding. After all the ceremonies and revelations, part with your guests on a good note by giving them the favor that you put your time, effort and love into. It may be edible, practical or decorative, but no matter which type you give, wedding favors will give you a lot of opportunity to explore your creativity and express your artistic side. Your guests may actually be surprised by your decorations and also appreciate the effort you have put in to making your wedding favors special.