Differentiating Between Female Behavioral Characteristics

Although you may not understand it yet, female behavioral cognition comes down to this (which took me a long time to figure out and see).

Natural female sexuality has LASTING value
Social female 'sexuality' has fleeting value
Inner female 'sexuality' has dramatic value

Guess which one got us all here in the first place and guess which one 'sells' billions of dollars while having byproducts of 40 year old virgins?

And guess which one is the root of a 50% divorce rate?

When you really look at it, the social sexploitation of women and having the accent their bodies and physical ass-ets is really just a stimuli to influence your behavior to get you to 'respond'.

You have the emotional desire and drive to immediately have sex with these women. And it's VERY emotional and very connected to you. I know because I've been there but now I have a completely different relationship to the stimuli.

Now I have complete self-control and I do not respond or immediately lose my power.

The architects know how to easily hit all of the right buttons in men. They're exploiting women to influence your behavior and the women are just adapting for higher social status. It's the socio-cultural environment that's made it not just safe to do but promoted and expected.

If I did not tell you that you may have never figured it out. Then again, you are here seeking the truth so you were probably onto the trail …

So when you see these men's magazines cover models in a photo spread, you just want to basically have sex with them. Umm … anything ELSE?

No. You just want to have sex with them. Done and over. That's it.

So essentially, the woman herself is getting 'used' as well (if you're 'lucky') because she's catering to male fantasies by appearing 'slutty' and 'ready to go'.

Sexploitation is not a woman's true sexual behavior. It's her socially adaptive behavior. The more you know this fact and are grounded in it, the more success you will have with women.

Remember when you were younger and actually had emotion?

Well that's now covered up with socio-logical and inner development.

When you're closer to nature, you're closer to emotion.

The emotion you feel of driving the highest status social car is fleeting..it's not real lasting emotion because it's not naturally based. Nature is free of financial or social expectations, pretension or trying to impress others.

When you represent nature as a man, you are naturally attractive to women. The path to sex itself is natural. It's a woman's repressed natural character; it's not her social behavior or inner development.

I would desire to be closer to nature and all things natural to convalesce all of my development in the opposite direction which has left me cold-hearted in a way.

Millions of men and women are now completely out of touch with their natural and emotional self. We save it for a few fleeting moments and instead of coming together to share, we keep it locked up within ourselves.

When you can bring out the repressed natural character of a woman, which has lasting, eternal value, you will be able to make her feel things that do not compare to her social adaptation or the benefits that brings.

You will be able to have her escape from the fleeting 'high' of social status because she is bored most of the time living in that reality.

Nature is where it's at and it's your power to seduce the most beautiful and powerful of women when you're in relation to them.

The 'inner' character or 'sexuality' of a woman and it's empowerment is not sexual at all. It's personally based yet you have to know your relationship to it. Many women you want, have a tremendous amount of power and so many guys get crushed under it especially in a long-term relationship.

Know what you're getting into with that because there is going to be a lot of drama, compromise, conflict and reconciliation.

Understand female behavior by studying Alpha Relational Dynamics.

Not only will you clear your mind about the lifelong confusion of women, but you will be at peace with them; powerful and comfortable in your own skin with the ability to succeed in dating, life and sex.