Do Not Lock the Keys To Wedded Bliss In The Trunk!

It is funny now, but it was not at the time. The wedding ceremony and reception went well for my daughter and her husband. Then the problem came as they were ready to leave on their honeymoon. The bride and groom left the reception cases in hand. Guests cheered. The groom opened the trunk of the car and thread in the bags and closed the lid with a slam. Then there was a gasp. The groom had had the car keys in his hand. He put them down on the floor of the trunk when he rearranged the suitcases. The keys were locked in, and they were the only set available.

What to do? The wedding had been held in a remote area to which no locksmiths could be called.It was also the Saturday night of the Labor Day Weekend. As it turned out, one of the guests owned an auto parts / wrecker business. He knew how to remove the back seat so a small guest could climb into the trunk and retrieve the keys.

Problem solved, and the happy couple were off, a bit late, but off. The lessons here are to be sure you have two sets of keys available or do not let it bother you. Perhaps you could borrow a nicer car from the best man and buy a new wardrobe!