Do Women Like Alpha Males? The Answer Women Do not Want You to Hear!

The word 'Alpha' has many connotations. In Greek it is the first letter of the alphabet. In astronomy it is the brightest star in a constellation. Alpha means being first. Being a winner. So, do women like alpha males?

Alpha-males are the ones leading the pack. They transcend status and position, and you'll see them from the factory floor to the boardroom, from the college class to the Whitehouse. What you want to know is whether the alpha male behaviors are exhibit in fact a turn on for women?

Do women like Alpha Males? No – they adore them! Alpha males are the men who get women's imagination running riot and get their attention like you would not believe.

These types of male exude a certain power and charisma that does not needly relate to their status, money, the type of car they drive. I can show you men who, when competing against another guy who drives a Ferrari, will win EVERY time in the battle for a woman's affections.

Being an alpha male does not mean you have to be loud, brash and arrogant. Quite the opposite. An alpha male will carry with him an air of authority which drives women wild with desire. Even though he may not be the best looking guy in a group, his confidence will make him the natural leader.

In the animal kingdom the alphas are those who lead with aggressive behavior. Animals have their own social structure where the dominant males get to mate with the best females, with the principle that they will most likely produce better offspring. Same goes for the alpha males in the society of humans, although for 'aggressive' read 'confident' and 'powerful'.

There are certain alpha male characteristics which you too can learn to emulate.

Born leaders

Alpha males are born to lead. They are the ones responsible for stopping a fight which has usually been started by a bully. They are dignified men who have leadership qualities. He stands by his principals and acts with authority. The key word here as far as you are concerned is 'act'. Anyone can learn to 'act out' these types of qualities, even if initially they feel uncomfortable. Sometimes they will become second nature.


It's absolutely vital that you do not mistake this with arrogance. Arrogance is a trait witnessed in weak men. Men who actually have low self-esteem. Alpha males have a belief in themselves but do not need to boast, and this is where the journey to becoming an alpha male begins. From within.

Women are attracted to alpha males because of the confidence that emanates from them. It's the way he carries himself, the way he speaks and trips other people. He is so confident he can pick up the best girls without even trying that as a result, women will flock to be near him. A self fulfilling prophecy.