Do You Know the True Meaning of Wedding?

When two lovers decided to get married, they would start to plan and make lots of decisions in order to make their wedding day perfect. However, have you ever thought of what is the meaning behind all this preparation?

Once you get your big day confirmed, you need to settle the budget and all the details, no wonder you will need to stand lots of pressure till the end of your wedding day. What is all this pressure for? It is somehow as harsh as you are taking a second job. Some brides would ask with the following answer – "the wedding day is the most important day in my life.

No one would try to argument with you how important the wedding day is. However, it is also important to realize you are not planning for just a wedding day. You are planning for the first day of your marriage. The relationship and lives in marriage is more important.

It is nonsense to put you in debt just because you wish to make your dream wedding come true. There are many ways you can make your wedding memorable.

A good planning would help you to achieve your goal under budget. Even though you have a very tight budget, you can still make your wedding special. The key is to use your imagination and make the stuff with your sincere. Your guests would be impressed by your sweet thoughts and your devotion on preparing the wedding day!

The first thing is to come up with a guest list. With the guest list completed, you would most have an idea about the quantity of all the stuff such as wedding invitation, cake and food in the wedding reception etc. you need to prepare on the wedding day.

Both of you should make schedules to take pre-marriage courses together. Those courses would help you to know each other better. Lots of couples find this kind of courses very helpful for a happy marriage. Remember the reason you are so busy with the preparation work for your perfect wedding day is a memorable first day of marriage.

Through the discussion among your family members and between you two, you can reach a consensus among all the family members. Asking for help is essential too. You would ask your friends and relatives and they can share all their valuable experiences with you. It can help you to save a lot of money, as well as plenty of time.

Once again, you should bear in mind that the wedding day is just the first day of your marriage. There is no point to lose your temper and offend your partner because of the details such as the way to decorate the wedding venue and the style of wedding invitation.

I have attended a wedding before, my friends had a really tight budget but they created a very memorable wedding ceremony for the guests. For example, they bought the frosted cake from supermarket and decorated them with fresh flower themselves. Although it can not be compared with professional baker, all the guests are impressed by their activities.

A wedding day is the first day of your marriage. There is no point to feel disappointed just because of some minor mistakes. With a mind appreciation, you would find the wedding more enjoyable and a blessing for the life time long marriage.