Does Being ‘HUNG’ Make You Her Superman?

Why is being big so important? Does being well endowed really make a difference in the sexual life between you and your sexual partner(s)? In our lifestyle the answer seems to point to a huge YES. Is that the truth however? A decision was reached that the best way to find out is to ask the people to whom it matters most…the ladies. We asked several ladies ranging from teenagers to ladies in their 40’s, ladies that are with just one partner to ladies who are promiscuous, and found that the answers were rather surprising.

When speaking publicly about the subject of penises it seems that most of the women tended to get embarrassed or shy at the beginning of the conversation. Yet we noticed that as the conversation continued these same people overcame the shyness and embarrassment rather quickly. What surprised us right away was that all of the women said that yes, penis size does play a role in their sex life. However we also learned that it’s not usually a desire to come in contact with a big penis. In fact only one of the ladies indicated that she is always looking for the biggest penis, and that she has a difficult time with being aroused and achieving orgasm unless it is a larger than average penis. The other women mentioned that the visual aspect of a large penis can be very arousing, and yet when it came down to actually “doing the dirty” these women would back down as they would be in physical pain if it was too long or too wide. Most women reported that a fully erect penis at 7 inches in length and about 5 inches in girth (circumference) was just about perfect. In retrospect the ladies reported that a penis that was shorter than 5 inches with a girth of 3 inches or less was neither arousing nor very satisfying.

The average penis size for men is 5.5 to 7 inches in length and 4.75 inches in girth. That accounts for about 80% of males, regardless of race (The Alfred C. Kinsey Institute for Sex Research.) For those of us that are a part of this average, for most women our size is perfect. What distinguishes the sexual experience for a woman from one male to the next is more about the “motion in the ocean.” This does not only imply how well you move your penis inside her vagina, but starts as early as when you see her for the first time that day, to your demeanor and confidence in front of her (not arrogance, but confidence), the way that she was seduced, the foreplay, and finally the quality and quantity of orgasms that we are able to provide for them. Yet quantity is fickle where as quality is much more important, if you can tease her enough, touch the right places for the right amount of time in the right kind of way, and basically cause an orgasm that drains all from her, then you will create a memory in her that she will remember for the rest of her life.

Again size is not the key here, in fact one lady claimed that she made love with a guy whose penis was only about 4 inches, and yet the orgasm that she experienced with him, to this day, has not been outdone. This makes one wonder, what if the guys with the short penises are better in bed, only because they have realized that they must compensate for their lack of penis size and have learned to satisfy a woman using other methods than just their penises. On top of this, what if the average sized guys, or especially the larger sized men, learned the methods that the 4 inch guys used? It is clear that our sexual experiences would never be the same again. It would be like upgrading from a Geo Metro to a Dodge Viper. So let’s learn those methods, so that we can make sure that we never again leave our women unsatisfied.

To learn everything that there is to know about the art of making your women satisfied it would require reading a book that is thicker than your dictionary. So obviously we will not include all of it here. We would be able to give you some useful info, hints and pointers, from the point where you are both naked together. We decided to break the information down into several specific areas:

  • First we will discuss penis function and how we can improve on it.
  • Second we will look into finger and hands ability and how we can use them to stimulate her to the max.
  • Third we will go into tongue motion, and how we can make her have an unforgettable orgasm.
  • Lastly we will see other methods that could be used to make sure that she has an experience that will make sure you are win her medal as the best lover ever.

Penis function

Our penises are infamous for being unruly. During sexual intercourse, we tend to ejaculate way too soon, or not at all. Sometimes we can’t even get an erection, much less ejaculate. A few things to remember:

  • Do not attempt to create that amazing experience if you are drunk or high on drugs. It is not a problem to have a glass of wine or two, however being drunk or high does a couple of negative things.
    • It will be difficult to concentrate on what it is that you are doing.
    • You will probably have difficulty maintaining an erection, which would lead you to concentrate on doing everything you can to maintain that erection to make sure you achieve orgasm, and be less worried about her. On the other hand if you decide to concentrate on her, you would be prone to loose your erection and that will also keep you from achieving an unforgettable experience.
    • You will likely take much too long to achieve orgasm yourself and thus again create less of a pleasurable experience for her.
    • You may accidentally do things that are less than attractive, such as hiccupping, burping, farting, etc.
  • Caffeine and nicotine shrinks your veins not allowing as much blood flow, which includes your penis, making it less firm. So avoid products that have those, well in advance of the sexual session.
  • There are a couple of techniques and products that help you elevate your experience.

    • A technique known as the Kegel’s PC exercise helps to give you rock hard erections, enable you to ejaculate further than you ever dreamed, and also give you incredible power to hold back the urge to ejaculate until you feel the desire to. A free guide can be found here: (
    • Ribbed condoms will create an added friction and sensation inside the vagina.
    • Viagra (, or any of its counterparts, can help create a session that lasts hours instead of minutes. However it does require a prescription and thus is not readily available.
    • There are a number of other things such as cock-rings, however they may not necessary be pleasurable. In fact many women reported them to be painful more than anything.

Fingers and Hands

The power of touch, specifically using the fingers and hands, is incredible. There are many ways to use your hands and fingers to stimulate and increase the level of excitement with the sense of touch.

  • Nipples are sensitive to the touch, try twisting them, pulling on them, rubbing the top of them, and rubbing around them. Nipples are sensitive so be careful to not over do it as that would turn the pleasure into some serious pain.
  • Breasts can create great sensations if properly squeezed. Grab a hold of the breast, positioning the hand closest to the body (farthest away from the nipple) and squeeze. You can squeeze the breasts harder than the nipple, but they are still tender so be careful when doing so.
  • The arms can be very stimulating to the woman, specifically the hairs on the arms. Glide slowly over the top of the arm, just barely touching the hairs. Certain parts of the arm will be more responsive than others, so it will probably take some time to master. It may also be necessary that she be already aroused before doing this, although some women respond to this anytime. We are not referring to her arm pit, which is probably ticklish. Doing this should rarely cause her to be ticklish.
  • Sensual massage is almost always erotic to any lady.
    • Use sensual oils, do not use cooking oils.
    • A book is not necessary, but can make it that much better. We recommend “Idiot’s Guide to Sensual Massage”
    • Sensual massage is different from regular message, it is not used to get rid of the knots in the muscles (although it may.) This type of massage should be light pressure.
  • Scratching the scalp is also something that can drive a woman crazy (in a good sense.)
    • This is something that some women respond better to than others, although most do enjoy it.
    • Some spots are more sensitive than others.
    • Do not scratch too hard, as that can be very painful, have her tell you whether she wants it to be scratched harder or to let off a bit.
    • Although this feels good, it is also more relaxing than arousing so this may be better suited towards after both of you have “done your thing,” although sometimes this can also be very sensual.
  • Clitoral touching is definitely something that will turn her on.
    • Be sure not to over-sensitize the clitoris, that’s a great way to ruin the whole session.
    • Use some form of lubricant, whether it is natural, such as saliva or the lubricant from the vagina, or a chemical lubricant.
    • Use a circular motion around the clitoris, throwing in a few up and downs, and left and rights.
  • The butt hole can be either a good thing, or a very bad thing.
    • Don’t sneak it up on her; let her know what it is that you are planning on doing. If she says no, try it one more time later in the session, if she says no again then just let it go, until the next session at least.
    • Do not stick your finger inside the butt hole. Place your finger over the top of the butt hole and apply some pressure, making some small and slow vibrating movements.

Tongue motion

Ah yes, the almighty tongue. First of all using your tongue should not only be amazing for her, but also at least comfortable for you. If you feel even remotely grossed out because of the smell or taste of that person’s genitalia you will not be able to perform as well. Suggest a coed shower to start off your session. Offer to shampoo her genitalia, and make it a sexually arousing experience.

  • There are many ways to stimulate a woman with your tongue and we recommend a book for this as well. We like “Low Down on Going Down”
  • Sometimes your tongue may get tired but whatever you do, do not give up or stop. Use your fingers for a while (make sure they are lubricated or at least wet) until your tongue recovers a bit.
  • If you over-sensitize her clitoris, start slow and light again, and you should be able to slowly work your way back up, and get her to the “O” zone.
  • It is usually best to get her to climax while using both your fingers and your tongue. Move your tongue in a circular motion around the clitoris, clockwise if possible. At the same time your two fingers (lubricated or wet) should enter into her vagina. Use your pointer and middle fingers and apply some pressure to the top of the inside of her vagina, palm up. Toward the back you should notice a “ribbed” area. Apply some pressure and “vibrate” your hand back and forth. At the same time move your two fingers slowly back and forth alternating between the two fingers. This will usually send her into orgasm heaven.

Other Methods

There are several other methods that could be used, however these methods usually are best with approval from your partner. There are many different methods; we will list the most common ones:

  • Sex toys
  • Sex games
  • Whip cream, chocolate syrup, fruit, etc
  • Tying the hands, and maybe the feet to the bed posts

Obviously this list can be much longer, but we will leave it at that.

Hopefully you are full of ideas, are already panning your evening or next date. We hope that you realize that penis size is not always the most important thing that a woman looks for in a man, now go out there and enjoy your sex life.