Easter Gifts to Bring Smiles to Little Boys and Girls

Which are the best Easter gifts to bring smiles to little boys and girls? Well, hang onto your hat, because that's what we are about to find out.

First though, try to think of your earliest memories of Easter morning at home. What did you like the best?

Was it coloring eggs? Perhaps, it was the trip in the car to have lunch and dinner at a family member's home. Or, it might have been Easter afternoon, when you got to play with friends in the back yard.

Today, children enjoy doing those very same things you did back then. Of course, many children know the true meaning of Easter and how Christ came back to earth. And, they associate the beautiful Easter eggs with Christ.

And now – on to the gifts!

Easter Basket Surprises – Give each child his or her own Easter basket filled with little surprise gifts. There may be a coloring book and crayons, a ring that lights up, a toy telephone, and a set of ABCs in foam rubber that stick on wet surfaces. Also, a set of stickers with cartoon characters, a kaleidoscope, and a bubble blowing kit are sure winners.

Easter Rabbit Costume – It is fun getting dressed up and what better costume than the Easter rabbit – except it is dressing up as an Easter egg. There are also Superman costumes and Cinderella costumes.

Magical Name Scroll – Your child's name is a precious sight. Why not have a beautiful scroll made of his or her first name against the background of a painting or majestic crest. Included in handsome printing is the name and its meaning, its history, facts about the name, and famous people who bear the name. A golden crown, seals, and colorful borders complete the scroll. It is ready for framing and comes with a free gift you will also treasure.

Teddy Bear – This teddy bear is ready to do anything his owner wants to do. He talks, plays, and even falls asleep. When it is cold, it has a sweater, a cap, and a scarf to wear. He loves to watch with wide-open eyes as his owner runs, and jumps, and collapses in laughter.

Ice Cream Maker – Children consider ice cream their favorite food and they particularly like to make it themselves. And, it is easy in this maker. The ice cream maker is a ball that opens. Place the ingredients inside, close it tightly, and shake it. Pass the ball from person to person with everyone giving it a wicked shake. After a few minutes, open the ball and scoop out the ice cream.

Well, that is about it. I hope these Easter gifts to bring smiles to little boys and girls brave you some good ideas.

Oh – as for that nagging question children always ask: "Where does the Easter Rabbit get the eggs?" – I'm afraid you are on your own. Every time I try to explain where the rabbit gets those eggs, children around me giggle themselves silly.