Ebay Urban Sales: Why Urban Clothing Is Hot On eBay

eBay sellers can develop a strong business by selling urban clothing.

With over 60 million registered users on eBay, there is a significant potential customer base
for urban clothing.

If the same proportion of urban customers exists on eBay as in the brick and mortar world, there can be millions of customers for urban sellers.

Before delving into selling urban clothing on eBay, it is important to understand why a customer would buy it on eBay.

Urban wear is among the most expensive categories in the apparel market. Combine that fact with the average age of an urban apparel customer and you will understand one of the reasons why urban wear is purchased on eBay.

Customers, especially those under 25, are hard pressed to afford the most popular urban names.
They will be glad to turn to eBay if they will be able to more readily afford the clothing.

Another reason urban wear sells on eBay is because of availability issues. A hot brand may be sold out in a consumers area of ​​residence. But by searching on eBay he can still purchase the clothing from another area which has availability.

Think of a situation where a brand is sold out in a small town. A local customer can either wait for the stores to restock, or he can conduct a quick and easy search on eBay.

Because the appeal of urban and hip hop clothing has spread into the mainstream apparel market, there are now urban wear customers who do not live within a short distance of an urban apparel store.

A dramatic example would be of a teenager wanting to buy a pair of Ecko jeans, while living in northern Alaska.

While this example may seem far fetched, the basic premise is true.

Customers often can not find local stores that carry urban wear.

This is especially true in non urban areas.

eBay sellers can capture these sales by connecting with far flung customers located throughout the country, and even outside of the United States.