Elegant Wedding Favors Versus Inexpensive Wedding Favors – Is It More Important To Save Money?

A bride and groom wants to give benefits at their reception that are elegant and meaningful, but how much should they spend? Getting an inexpensive wedding favor can be a crap shoot depending on what store you shop, so is saving money more important than giving some really good keepsake gifts? I would say no, simply because this is one of the most important events in your life, and the cost should not dictate how well it is celebrated.

However, you do not want to start off your marriage with a big bill for something as small as favors from your wedding reception. The cost of living for a married couple is high enough as it is, so there is no point in making the burden any worse. A bride must ask herself how important this gift is to her guests and therefore how much should be sent on it.

If you are getting a special present for your maid of honor or best man, then it's important not to look too much at the price tag. It also needs to be a durable gift that can be appreciated for years. This means not going for the discount favors like candles or place card holders but rather investing in silver plated gifts or glass items. Getting a favor engraved is also a nice touch when considering your bridesmaids and groomsmen. This works well for just about any gift, even a picture frame or photo album. One good idea for bridesmaids is to give them a makeup bag that has their initials stitched in the side.

When it comes to getting general favors for all the guests at the reception, look for something elegant yet cheap. Do not let it look cheap, but it should not cost you a lot at all. People are going to understand you wanting to save money and probably would not want a newlywed couple to spend a lot on their little souvenir, anyway. In conclusion, it is most important to get a present or favor that fits the person rather than the budget.