Experience Day Anniversary Gifts

In the busy world we live in it is easy to forget the happier times in life. One of the happiest days in anyone's life is of course their wedding day and once a year the wedding anniversary rolls around. In haste due to your hectic lifestyle you have probably picked up last minute flowers or chocolates on the way home from work or dashed into a closing jewelery store and begged for assistance. Ladies tend to be better at remembering these important days because they tend to be more sentimental. Men on the other hand have other more pressing issues on their mind (food, football and beer) and more often than not experience that last minute heart stopping panic at the thought of facing a woman scorned when they arrive home empty handed.

So if you are sitting at your desk and it's 4:45 pm and you usually glance at your desk calendar only to feel your stomach literally flip, do not fear, online experience day gift packages are going to be your saving grace. These packages offer people the chance to experience something they have never tried before and as you are marking your anniversary, you can purchase a package for two so that both of you share in the chosen experience. Gifts for her such as this will hit the spot as not only will she be excited about the activity but she will love the fact that you will be spending some quality time together.

If you have recently moved into a new house together you may find that attending a cookery class together might be fun. You will not be insulted with basic techniques and recipes but rather introduced to new ways of cooking and recipes you never imagined attainable in your kitchen until shown them first hand. Your willingness to learn some culinary skills will impress your lady to no end.

If cooking is not a problem for you both then why not invest in a cocktail making class? Not only will you get to sip on some delicious drinks to make you merry but you will learn some fabulous cocktail recipes to impress your friends with at the next dinner party you hold.

If you both want nothing more than to relax and forget everyday life, then book a spa package for two. You will receive treatments galore including a full body relaxing massage to get rid of all that tension you have both been carrying around. In between sessions you can both relax in the hot tub with a glass of bubbly each; pure bliss!

If by chance you are both adrenaline junkies then why not attempt a daring feat together? You can now avail of a tandem bungee jump. This is where both of you are strapped together to share the thrill of flying through the air at speed. If you are the wimpy type then she will really appreciate the extra effort you are putting in to sharing this experience with her. Gifts like these are unforgettable and the memories you'll make together will be cherished long after the event. So this year forget the boring and predictable gifts for her such as flowers and chocolates, sweep her off her feet with experience day gifts!