Exquisite Wedding Bands Made of 22 Carat Gold

Pure 24 carat gold is soft and can be easily bent. It is generally mixed with some other metal to give it strength and durability. For beautiful pieces of gold jewelry, 22 carat is best though 18 carat also looks good. In fact diamonds show its best color in 18 carat gold jewelry. A wedding ring or wedding band is a ring that indicates the marriage of the person wearing it. It is usually worn on the base of third finger of the left hand, also called the ring finger. This custom of wearing a wedding band began in Europe and was originally worn only by women. However, in early 20th century, husbands too began to wear the wedding ring.

According to custom, the wedding ring or band is the last of a series of gifts that are given by the groom to the bride. Nowadays, the double ring marriage ceremony when both the bride and groom exchange the wedding band is quite common and once the ring is placed on the finger it is not removed, unless the marriage is dissected or one of the couple dies. It symbolically declares eternal love one may have for the other. This ceremony is a modern innovation and the designs of both rings are almost similar, with the groom wearing a heavier and thicker wedding band than the bride. Normally, these wedding bands are made of 22 carat gold and are smooth.

Matching wedding rings in white gold, embossed wedding rings, and designer etchings on the wedding band, unique and fancy wedding bands, and even braided wedding rings are available. Every ring is guaranteed with a lifetime warranty and jewelers stand by their superb craftsmanship and skill to make each wedding band unique.

Jewelry is worn on almost every joyous occasion. A gold necklace is worn by women in many countries and it is a sign of prosperity as it is made of 22 carat gold. There are different types of gold necklaces that are available in amazing designs, shapes and sizes to suit every woman's desire. Yellow gold and white gold necklaces with rose quartz, diamonds, pearls, emeralds, and rubies are all available and depend on the amount a woman may want to spend on her gold necklace. Some designers try and fulfill international demands and specifications and keep their quality high. Jewelers are always trying to make new styles and designs to attract the modern woman. Some consist of a simple gold chain with a pendant whereas the modern Indian bride will definitely wear jewelry that is heavy and solid.