Fabulous Wedding Themes II

Every wedding needs a theme. A theme is what ties the wedding together and offers a method to the madness when it comes to choosing everything from the invitations to the guest favors. But, you may be concerned about what kind of theme would work best for your big day. You do not really want anything cheesy, but you do want something that reflects you and your fiancé's tastes and personality. Here are so great tips for how to choose a theme.

  1. What time of year is the wedding? Are you planning a outdoor spring or fall wedding, or are you planning poolside nuptials for your mid-summer wedding? No matter what time of year you choose, you should focus on that to help you pick the best theme and color scheme for your ceremony.
  2. Look at the colors you are leaning toward. Pinks and browns do not really fit a winter wedding, just like bold colors like reds and gold do not really fit a spring wedding. So, you should investigate your color scheme before you decide on a theme, because they just may guide you to exactly what you are looking for.
  3. You may want to look at upcoming holidays, because the holidays may guide you toward your dream theme. For instance, if your getting married close to Valentine's Day, maybe a Valentine's themed wedding with pinks, reds, and white would be the perfect theme for you. Or what if your wedding falls close to Thanksgiving, then maybe you could consider a turkey day themed wedding that centralizes more on the blessing of marriage, instead of just turkeys in general. You could incorporate browns, oranges, and a splash of green to help tie it all together.

Now that you have some tips that may help you choose your perfect theme, here are some great theme ideas that may just be what you are looking for.

  1. "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend" theme. This is perfect theme that you can do with or without a Marilyn Monroe / 1940's vibe. You can decorate with lots of Swarovski crystals and have little ring boxes scattered about filled with candy as guest favors. Your invitations can be decked out with glitter and Swarovski crystals, and you can make sure everything from your wedding gown to your cake has lots of bling added to it. You can entertain with some 1940's big band and jazz music, and you may even consider hiring a jazz band for your big day. This is a fun, girly theme that is perfect for winter or spring.
  2. Moroccan theme. This is a fabulous theme full of rich colors and textures that would be perfect to warm up any cold winters night or heat-up a summer poolside ceremony. You can decorate in rich jewel-toned colors and use lots of crystals and colored gems as accents. You should choose exotic flowers and use lots of candlelight to set just the right ambiance. You could hire a few belly dancers and even invest in a few lounging couches and beds that would be perfect to help your guests relax and enhance the mood. A satchel of spices or tea would be the prefect favor for guests at this type of theme.
  3. Country Charm theme. This is a great theme especially for a summer or fall ceremony and reception. You could have the setting in an old barn house or maybe you could have your ceremony at an old country church and then have your reception outdoors in someone's big backyard. You can decorate with hay bales covered by checked tablecloths for guests to sit on and you could possibly serve a backyard BBQ style buffet. You may want to consider hiring a country band and keep the attire light and fresh, easy for dancing and having a good time.
  4. Romeo and Juliet theme. This is a truly romantic theme complete with an Italian setting and the romantic ambiance of poetry and young love is perfect any time of year. Choose an Italian-style villa or garden for your ceremony and / or reception, and you should choose gentle, romantic ballet style music as well as soft, pastel colors to truly set the mood. You could have your reception be a masked ball type of thing, and you could even go all out and have your bridal party wear period costumes from Shakespearean era. You could hire employees or just have guests do reading of Shakespearean poetry and maybe even learn some traditional dances from that time period. Whatever you need to do to make the theme really work for you.
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