Fair Trade Childrens Clothing

What is Fair Trade?

Development agencies recognized the important role that consumers could play to improve the situation for producers. By buying direct from farmers at better prices, helping to strengthen their organizations and marketing their produce directly through their own one world shops and catalogs, the charities offered consumers the opportunity to buy products which were bought on the basis of a fair trade.

The FAIRTRADE Mark is an independent consumer label which shows on products as an independent guarantee that negligent producers in the developing world are getting a better deal.

Everything is Fair-trade certified by the Fair-trade Labeling Organization and they adhere to the strictest organic standards, set out by Demeter

More than 2,000 products in the UK from 58 developing countries now carry the FAIRTRADE Mark, including hot drinks, biscuits, fresh fruit and juices.

An example of Fair trade is a children's clothing range produced by a project in Egypt. It is based on biodynamic agriculture (a strict form of organic agriculture, defined by Rhudolf Steiner) and now has seven businesses within it, including a textiles division.

Employees have access to a modern hospital and hot meals. They have a school, a kindergarten, and even a university. Many people learn musical instruments, the architecture is designed with space and light in mind and there is an amphitheater where employees perform music concerts and plays. Employees are involved in decision making.

Buying Fair Trade clothing can really make a difference not only to the local people of third world countries but also to the environment. Do you really want to contribute to the disposable nappy mountain? Or Help sportswear companies exploit vulnerable people in sweat shops?

You can make the difference, look for the Fair Trade mark in supermarkets and clothing stores and when buying online.