Five Cheap Wedding Reception Decorations

You are getting married. You want to make the wedding and reception nice. Being on a very tight budget you need some cheap wedding reception decorations.

Here are five cheap wedding reception decorations you can make yourself.

  1. Make a nice banner on your computer . I use that old track computer paper. I tear off four sheets, tear the perforated edges off and feed this into my printer. My printer prints on up to 8 1/2 x 44 inch paper. I have printed lots of these.
  2. Make an arch of helium balloons . This is much easier than it sounds. Just tie your balloons on a long fishing string. Tie this down on two sides and you can adjust the arch as needed. Very easy and cheap !! Do not over complicate this. It is as easy as tying helium balloons in a line on a thin string, the arch is formed by making them weighed at two sites.
  3. Cut out some patterned clip art. Maybe a few nice roses. Put on some other colored paper and wrap on tubes to make almost a container effect. Fill with colored wrapped candy. Not only a decoration but guests will help themselves to a treat. This can release some stress from some guests too.
  4. Use battery lights instead of candles for safety . Add several of those battery candles and place some pre-made flower runner on the table. This will look like it was hand made but only you know the difference.
  5. Find some nice cup and saucers at second hand stores , paint them to match your color. Use a porcelain paint. Put a few nice silk flowers in them. You may need to use a foam cup cut to stick stems in. These can vary but by making them solid in your colors they will look custom made. You can always find odd cup and saucers. They have such nice forms and are low so guests can still visit. You want to avoid tall centerpieces.

These are only five cheap wedding reception decorations that you can make. You will come up with more as you begin to decorate in your mind. Having a theme will guide you in different directions. Just try to keep an open mind and ask around. Other may have some suggestions that you can build on. It is not that difficult to make things once you start. Having a computer will help. You can add tags to favorites and the like. Relax you can come up with lots of ideas.