Flexispot standing desks are up to $100 off for Cyber Monday

You can stand or sit at this adjustable desk, and right now, it’s $100 off.

Standing desks are a nice tool to help your health while you work. They also provide a nice change of pace from sitting at a desk. That doesn’t mean you want to stand all day at your desk though. Thankfully, there are some solid desks that can adjust between standing and sitting desks with the push of a button. The Flexispot Standing Desk adjusts from 28.6 inches to 48.2 inches to fit your workflow, and if you apply a coupon right now, it’s $100 off.

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Flexispot Standing Desk | $100 off at Amazon

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$220 at Amazon

Stand up while you work

This standing desk has a working space that’s 48-inches by 24-inches. Its height is adjustable, making sure that you can get the right fit for your setup.

The Flexispot Standing Desk has a large enough workable area that you can spread out while standing or stretch out while sitting. Its two-button controller allows you to easily switch between postures. In addition to making the desk easy to use, Flexispot prioritized making the desk easy to set up. According to the company, you can get the desk up and running in under 40 minutes.

The desk has a weight capacity of 132 lbs (59.9 kg), so while you probably shouldn’t sit on it, you can keep a full-size computer and several accessories on it. The top of the desk has a dual cable management hole, which helps you keep your wires organized.

The Flexispot Standing Desk is available in several colors and sizes, but make sure to check if the one you like has a coupon that can be applied. Several are on sale right now, but the model we highlight above is an excellent deal, thanks to its $100 coupon.

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