Flower Delivery of Freesia – The Best Friends’ Best Gift

Friendship is a very sweet relationship. And it would not be wrong to state that it is perhaps the sweetest of all relationships. And, therefore, it is best represented by the equally sweet looking flower Freesia. Freesia is one of the most favourite flowers in the UK and it is found in a wide variety of colours.

Due to its pretty appearance and its intoxicating fragrance, it has become a huge favourite among people in the UK and other countries, for flower delivery purposes. It is available throughout the year, especially during spring time, and that’s why they can be sent to someone, any time of the year.

Freesia best represents friendship. So, whether it is a Friendship Day or not, you can still send these to someone through flower delivery service. The sweetest smelling Freesias are the red and pink ones, while you can also gift white, yellow and blue Freesia as every variety has its own charm.

One of the most favourite varieties of Freesia, the Ballerina, is the most common and most loved gift the world over. Apart from Ballerina, there are many other varieties of Freesia, nearly 14 – 16 of them, which have captured millions of hearts across the world.

Freesia derives its name from Dr Friedrich Heinrich Theodor Freese, a German physician. It belongs to the family of Iridaceae. 12 of the Freesia species are native to South Africa, while the remaining 2 are from the tropical region of Africa.

Freesia is found all over the world now. Unknown till the 1950s to the people of the UK, Freesia was first exported to Europe circa the late 19th century. Today, over 110 stems of Freesia are sold to UK annually, and it has become one of the most favourite flowers among Europeans. You can send someone Freesia through online flower delivery service and convey your heartfelt wishes with convenience.