Following Rehearsal Dinner Etiquette the Night Before the Wedding

A rehearsal dinner is done on the night before a wedding. It is a great opportunity to show gratitude to those who have made the wedding possible. It is also a way for those that are invited to the wedding party to get to know each other. Rehearsal dinner etiquette is not so strict when it comes to the invitation of guests. It can be done as simply as putting a separate invitation card for the rehearsal on your wedding invitation. You can even print it out from your personal computer.

There are couples who choose to send an invitation to thel dinner separately but if you and your partner are concerned about the additional cost, it is perfectly acceptable to mail it together with the wedding invitations.

Rehearsal dinner etiquette generally bestows the honor of planning the event on the mother of the groom. It is her way of showing her affection to her son and to her forthcoming daughter in law who are about to be married.

The modern way of shouldering the costs for the event calls for both partners to share in the expenses. But if you are more of the traditional kind, then it is the parents of the groom who should pay for the rehearsal dinner. It is also possible for both parents to host the event jointly. It is a good way for them to get to know each other.

Rehearsal dinner etiquette dictates that the event can be used by both bride and groom to toast their respective families and the bridal party. Other guests can also do a toast as well. It is also the time for teasing the bride and groom, although make sure this is done in good taste. Games and activities can also be included in the program which will depend on the time of the event and on the presence of small children.