Fort Lauderdale Wedding Chapels

A wedding chapel is a place that is not a church or legal court, where a legal wedding can be held. A church may be used as a wedding chapel. Traditionally, small buildings provide venues for wedding chapels. Particularly appointed people who are licensed to carry out weddings can conduct a wedding ceremony at a wedding chapel. Under US law, wedding chapels must insist on a marriage license and proof of age of the marrying couple.

There are quite a few wedding chapels in Fort Lauderdale and the charges for them are fixed depending on certain variables like number of guests, facilities requested, and other special requirements. Fort Lauderdale wedding chapels charge different rates for weekdays and weekends, the charges for weekends being higher.

Wedding packages are offered by wedding chapels with rates specified for the wedding ceremony, bridal dressing area, recorded traditional music, keepsake certificate and use of the chapel gazebo or other promises. Only the ceremony with just the wedding couple being present would cost around $ 125- $ 175. Requests for music and use of other awards in the chapel would add around $ 150- $ 200 to the bill. The same ceremony if scheduled over the weekend would add approximately $ 100- $ 125 to the bill.

A few guests, a wedding cake and a champagne toast mean an addition of another $ 100- $ 125. The addition of frills like silk bouquets, boutonnière, a two tier wedding cake, cake top and the services of a rehearsal and wedding coordinator would entail a bill of $ 700- $ 750. The number of guests for such a package could vary between twelve and twenty four.

Some of the Fort Lauderdale wedding chapels offer the photography and videography services too. Information regarding marriage licenses is also provided by wedding chapels. Specific regulations apply for marriage licenses and Fort Lauderdale wedding chapels guide couples expertly through the process. The fee for a marriage license is around $ 100.

Fort Lauderdale wedding chapels take the worry off the hands of the wedding couple. All the arrangements related to the wedding are taken care of by experts. The wedding couple can choose the services they want, so keeping their expenses within a planned budget.