Fun and Delightful Ways to Make Children a Special Part of Your Wedding

It's your special day, and if you have children or maybe even nieces and nephews or other young relatives you are close to, it is likely that you will want them to be a big part of this momentous occasion. Here are several ways to Incorporate the kids into your wedding:


Let your children be a part of the wedding preparations. Most children are more than eager to help out, especially when it comes to an event this big, so let them lend a little helping hand. You can do this by letting them help you make wedding favors, for instance, the children could fill goodie bags for the guests. Other ways to let them help out with the preparations are by letting them help with decorations like the table centerpieces, and sometimes even by letting them help you pick out the wedding colors! Just think of how important they will feel, and how much more special this day will be when you see your children's decorative touches at your wedding.

Wedding Roles

Having the children act as flower girls and ring bearers has always been a great way to include the kids into the wedding ceremony, and this is something that few children ever forget! You could also let a child announce the bride or ring a bell when the bride appears. It is another way to make the children feel really special and will create memories to last a lifetime.

Unity Candles

The lighting of unity candles at weddings is growing more and more popular. And the great thing about this part of the wedding ceremony is that you can pretty much do it however you like. It is not an old tradition, but it is one in the making! This means you can handle it however you like. It is also a beautiful way to bring the family together. Instead of having the mothers or grandsparents light the individual tapers, like some people do, you can have your children light them. Then the bride and groom can take the tapers and light the one middle one. What better way is there to represent the union of two families?

At the Reception

You could even make your kids a part of the reception, too, by including them in one or more of the dances, or including them in the toast. Remember, this is a beautiful way to let them know how important they are to the family they will be a part of. And they also make an adorable and heartwarming part of every aspect of the wedding!

Having the kids play a big part in your wedding is a great way to know how important they are to the marriage and to the family to be. These are just a few of the many ways to make your children a part of this day, and they really can play an important part of every aspect – some couples even like to include the kids in their vows. Also, wedding guests are usually absolutely delighted to see children in weddings – they are truly a joy for one and all! And when it's all said and done – do not forget to thank them and maybe even give them a commemorative gift for helping out!