Get Dad Organized with a Leather Padfolio

He has always been there for you, a silent pillar of strength and compassion, a solid reminder that you are loved, an assuring presence that you are cared for. Unlike the other men in your life, he does not change with the weather or come and go with the seasons. He is your father, and on father's day, show him just how much you look up to him by getting him a high-quality leather padfolio.

Fake Flakes
Leather, like most things of value, can be faked. In fact, not only can leather be faked, fake leather floods the market today. The texture of leather tells so much of the quality of the padfolio. Never settle for imitation or substitute leather. In time, the synthetic materials used to manufacture faux leather padfolios become brittle and occasionally flake off. This is not the gift you want to give to someone who means so much to you. Choose only high-quality materials from trusted leather goods dealers.

A good leather padfolio is one that is useful. It easily accommodates its owners' personal effects, such as business cards, pen, a writing pad, and sometimes a few documents that need immediate attention after a meeting.

Looks Matter
In choosing a leather padfolio, pay special attention to the quality of stitching of the padfolio's edges. There should be no stray threads or loosened stitches. The perfect leather padfolio for someone as special as your dad is one that is sleek and snug. Even if it houses a three-ring binder, it should completely close up when you need it to.

Marks on Leather
One way of adding a special touch to your gift is to personalize the leather padfolio with your father's initials or, if you prefer a fancier touch, the family crest emblazoned on the front cover. Dealers of leather goods have different ways of adding names or logos to any leather product. One such way is by embossing the initials or the logo onto the leather. This is done by sandwiching a piece of leather between a metal die and a counter die. Heat is applied. The result is a raised three-dimensional image of the die's design.

Another way of marking leather goods is through debossing. Debossing is a fairly new term, and it roughly means the opposite of embossing. With the application of heat and pressure, an image is depressed into the piece of leather.

So, which method should you pick? Different dealers differ in opinion over which technique suits leather padfolios best. The safest thing for you to do, in this case, is to ask around and look at sample works before deciding what technique to use.

A Padfolio for Every Joe
There's a padfolio for your dad, and for dads just like him. There are padfolios for dads who are not like him, too. In fact, there's a padfolio for just about anyone – from the new graduate prowling urban jungles for a well-paying job to the head honcho who bark is every bit as terrible as his bite.

Which leather padfolio should you get your dad, then? In general, it pays to choose a leather padfolio that is almost austere in its simplicity. Its streamlined plainness ensures it goes well with whatever a person wearing. Its somber appearance will add to the person's overall, no-nonsense, I'll-own-this-company-soon look.

Show your dad you care by giving him a leather padfolio. A leather padfolio will keep him organized. At the same time, it will bring home the message that where family is concerned, there are no compartments. You all belong to each other's lives and on each other's planners.