Get Lucky With Las Vegas Wedding Favors

Themed wedding favors like the Las Vegas wedding favors make winners out of everyone. That includes the hosts and the guests. Gambling and love have always made an interesting combination in the arts. A famous saying goes 'lucky in gambling, unlucky in love'. But trust us, if you've chosen the Las Vegas theme for your wedding, matching wedding favors will make winners out of everyone at the party.

Start off by dealing the royal flush to each of your guests. Magnets always last long and guests can display them on refrigerators or similar places in the house where they will be reminded of you at regular intervals. The 'Lucky in Love' card magnets come for only $ 1.5 each. A beige casino table with poker chips forms the base. But forget about winning and losing, if you want to just play on then, gift a full deck of cards. The Las Vegas wedding favor deck is beautifully made.

Maybe, you would also like to add some utility to your playing cards. In that case, chip in with $ 11.12 for each piece and your guests would walk home with 'Lucky in Love' playing card bottle stoppers. With options for personalizing these bottle stoppers, the black and white gift boxes are sure to win all hearts at your party.

And, after all that playing at love, if you want to feed your guests, go for choco favors instead. The chocolates will not melt before the guests are bowled over if you hand them Hershey's range of Las Vegas wedding favors. You can mix and match Hershey's kisses, Wedding Hershey's 1.66 oz bars and 5 oz bars. Alternately, a lot of couples pick up an assortment of chocolates and mints and make gift packs.

Speaking of making packs, it's the favorite wrappers that are very important too. Hershey's has a range of wrappers too. Maybe, the event is in warm weather. You do not want chocolate dripping all over the place. So, choose these special wrappers. When you are packing your wedding favors yourself, you can not only customize the wrappers, you can also add name tags and quotations. Matching these with your basic casino theme is no problem either.

Palette passion can include wedding favors like mint boxes, coffee mixes, wedding cocktail mixes and honey jars too. These will reflect your uniqueness when matched with the casino theme. Of the most popular cocktail mixes, the Margarita and martini are the most popular.

If none of these favors suit you, check out the wire stands with card symbols atop that serve as place card holders. Many young couples like to place these holders for guests rather than spending time giving away wedding favors. Guests are simply asked to take their place card holders home. These place cards can be used as photo frames or showpieces later. For $ 1.06, suit place card holders will be easy on any budget.

But playing cards is not the only thing you do in casinos. If you do not want your Las Vegas wedding favors to be based on playing cards, go for poker chips, slot machines and fantastic looking dice favor boxes. No one will be counting who's losing what with these creative and quaint wedding favors at any party. And, play on.